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Lynn–Despite good intentions…

I’ve once again gone 3 weeks without posting. I have been exercising however. I don’t have a daily log (not very good at daily record keeping either) but I’ve managed to get in at least 1/2 hour walking or vigorous yard work 5 days each of the 3 weeks. Today I spent about an hour and a half doing leaf clean-up and there’s a lot more to do. I’ve been, as usual, less successful with the strength building exercises but did manage to do them twice last week, so that’s an improvement.

We have one more week here before we set the clocks back and I lose my after-work walking time. I think at first I’ll try switching my exercise time, with a goal of getting a short walk in before I leave for work and another short walk at lunch time (there’s a nice river walk near my office). But I’m still thinking about what to do when the bad weather sets in. We didn’t get the snow that Sara posted about but we have had some cold rainy days–just a little foretaste of what’s to come.



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Claude – not counting down, leaving tomorrow

I’m trying to be virtuous before leaving LOL
I’ve had quite a good week stepwise although not much aerobic pace walking… so here goes
Week from October 10th to October 17th

Saturday: 7,500 steps, 15 mn aerobic walk
Sunday: rest, rest and rest again
Monday: 13,276 steps
Tuesday: One-hour stretching lesson, 4,420 steps
Wednesday: 14,664 steps, walking really fast but didn’t time aerobic walking
Thursday: 12,580 steps
Friday: one-hour stretching lesson, 6,348 steps
And as a bonus, as I won’t be recording many steps in the three coming weeks, my steps from today, 7,477 steps.
Tomorrow will be 81/2hours’ sitting on the plane ūüė¶ not my favourite thing.
Think of me sweating it out in New Delhi with some 34¬įc ūüė¶
I don’t think I’ll be posting much in the coming weeks, if I do, it’ll be at Photo Blogging in Paris, which will become Photo-Blogging through Rajasthan and Nepal for the occasion.

Be good, walk, exercise and record what you are doing here!


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Sara – it’s been snowing here – ugh

On Monday flowers were still blooming...
On Monday flowers were still blooming…

On Thursday my patio looked like this...
On Thursday my patio looked like this…

I will go out and take some photos later so you can see the dreadful effects of snow that comes too soon. ¬†Most leaves were still on the trees, so many trees were weighted down and broken by this snow. ¬†One rather near my house, but it didn’t hit the building when it came down.

Saturday - split tree two doors down from me - leaves still on tree
Saturday – split tree two doors down from me – leaves still on tree

A nicer view - poor tree trunk!  Fortunately no buildings hurt.

A nicer view - poor tree trunk! Fortunately no buildings hurt.

I’ve gone too long without posting- will try to do better! ¬†Especially since Claude may be out of touch for a while.

Tues. Oct 6 – 10491 steps (6443 aerobic)

Wed. Oct. 7 – 6294 steps, none aerobic – this was my photo taking day.

Thurs. Oct. 8 – 6964 (1822).

Fri. Oct 9 – 2275 steps, none aerobic – just a slug!

Sat. Oct 10 – 10,101 (1961+) – another photo taking day

Sun. Oct. 11 – 10518 (4801)

Mon. Oct 12 – 10118 (6783)

Tues. Oct 13 – 12085 (6461)

Wed. Oct 14 – 9900 (3301)

Thurs. Oct 15 – 3138 – sluuuuuug…

Fri. Oct. 16 – 5346 – ditto, but I did have the excuse of LOTS of snow!

Today there is more snow but it’s not icy and paths are clear. ¬†But unfortunately we don’t have this type of inducement to walking and stair climbing…

I have to get back into my gym routine! ¬†Trouble is, I’d so much rather be outside…also need to do some stretching exercises since my computer habit is making itself felt in stiffness…

Au revoir for now and happy walking!  And safe traveling,  Claude.


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Claude – getting ready for India

It seems that I cannot pull myself to post every week these days. The thing is time really flies, especially as I am getting ready for a three week trip to India. I’m going with a group, of course, but that is one of the things that worries me as I am so used to doing what I like, when I like. Well, I suppose I’ll adjust when the time comes. We’re flying to Delhi and then travelling through Rajasthan and Nepal. I am both excited and a bit apprehensive. Am I not too old to do this? Well, I’ll let you know.
Meanwhile here’s my two weeks’ worth of elderexercise.

Week from September 26th to October 2nd
Only one session of aerobic walking that week. My left knee didn’t enjoy that session much ūüė¶
Saturday, 11,000 steps
Sunday, 12,500 steps, 20mn aerobic walking
Monday, one hour Feldenkrais session, 12,234 steps, 20mn + 15mn aerobic walking
Tuesday, 1 hour stretching class. 3,500 steps
Wednesday, 10,983 steps
Thursday, 8,000 steps
Friday, 11,000 steps

Week from October to October 2nd
Saturday, 9,985 steps
Sunday, 5,500 steps,
Tuesday, 12,500 steps, 35 mn aerobic walking, one-hour stretching class
Wednesday, 9,000 steps, 46mn aerobic walking
Thursday, 6,000 steps
Friday, one-hour stretching class, 10,000 steps

London do not climb sign

The way I feel when I get up in the morning, rusty! LOL

On the food front, I am having a really bad time. I crave sweet stuff, fat stuff, or should I say, any stuff? I haven’t managed to get back into reasonable eating ever since my trial experience.
Trying not to feel guilty ūüėÄ
Maybe after India, everything will fall back into place?


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Sandy – back again

Hello all, sorry for being so long (again).

September was chock full of medical  appointments for  the whole family Рbut mainly my husband with follow-up checks after a week in the diabetic unit and then a cataract operation.

My neighbour has been away quite a lot because it’s a sad time for her – birthday and wedding anniversary for the first time since the death of her husband last April. She didn’t want to be at home on her own so I looked after her house and pets while she went to stay with relatives.

That meant a good bit of dog walking which helped me lose 2 kilos in a month. Nowhere near the target I had in mind but a loss all the same.

I’ve been having regular massages to help my neck and back which tend to seize up but last week the physio, who is training to be an osteopath, tried out some of her ‘new moves’ on me. This included bending and twisting¬† my knee – ouch – she didn’t realise I had a problem (she’s fairly new) and by the time I’d shouted it was a bit too late. Fortunately her manipulation was gentle so no great damage was done – just a few days of being extra careful and I’m back to what’s normal for me.

It’s becoming harder to get up now that the mornings are so dark so I’m looking forward to the clocks going back an hour at the end of this month.


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Naomi – October Return…excuses + plans

Wanting not to beat myself up too much, I return without checking when I last posted. ¬†However, it does seem from my little worn notebook that it was mid-August. ¬†Oh, there was an amazing day August 26–10,969–followed by 9,264 the next day and a record 13,740 on August 28. ¬†Hello, October 2009, from Portland, Oregon, where there are fewer boxes dotting my apartment corners.

There was some good walking in early September–even 7,173 steps on the second. ¬†This was on a scrap of paper. ¬†But as the unmoving frenzy took over, the record-keeping went by the way. ¬†Mostly the pedometer went into the pocket, a symbolic gesture: ¬†I’d check it but not record.

Yesterday(Thursday) marking a new era in my new environment, I began to use the Wellness Center at Terwilliger Plaza, our retirement community. Meredith, a trainer, introduced the Nu-Step and the Elliptical, equipment unknown from my past, checked out my balance. ¬†I return next Tuesday for what’s intended as a regular half hour. ¬†She also suggested two ten-minute visits on my own before we meet again. Yes, nudging needed here.

As I write, ¬†another sunny and cool morning, pedometer next to me. ¬†Not having written down every day, forgotten to carry, I wonder if there’s a better way to keep track.

Back to all of you whose recordings I’ve scanned briefly and notice a few “ain’t if awful?” comments that relieve some of my guilt. ¬†Soon will visit each of you in more focused manner. ¬†Good to return!

Oct 9…2253 steps

Oct 8…4, 520

Oct 7…5,302*

Oct 6…zero

Oct 5…4,6556

Oct 4…zeo

Oct ¬†3…47

Naomi in Oregon

*First day entirely by foot & mass transit but pedom  in canvas bag, not pocket; who knows how high the steps?


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Lia – Back after short pause

Actually, the week before last and the first part of last week, I was doing just fine. Especially, considering the crazy mountain of work I was doing and the crises I was trying to master. Yet, like has happened far too often this year, my body crashed and I came down ill. Still, feeling much better and, other than having to cancel a few dates and my volunteer shift at the Oxfam store last Thursday, I didn’t miss any days work… so, I guess that is a blessing.

I can’t remember exact details, except I took my first jazz dance class in years, managed to keep up with the walking, as well as the daily sit ups. I’ll get back to daily reports as of tomorrow.

The day’s are shortening, winter draws near!


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