Claude – getting ready for India

It seems that I cannot pull myself to post every week these days. The thing is time really flies, especially as I am getting ready for a three week trip to India. I’m going with a group, of course, but that is one of the things that worries me as I am so used to doing what I like, when I like. Well, I suppose I’ll adjust when the time comes. We’re flying to Delhi and then travelling through Rajasthan and Nepal. I am both excited and a bit apprehensive. Am I not too old to do this? Well, I’ll let you know.
Meanwhile here’s my two weeks’ worth of elderexercise.

Week from September 26th to October 2nd
Only one session of aerobic walking that week. My left knee didn’t enjoy that session much 😦
Saturday, 11,000 steps
Sunday, 12,500 steps, 20mn aerobic walking
Monday, one hour Feldenkrais session, 12,234 steps, 20mn + 15mn aerobic walking
Tuesday, 1 hour stretching class. 3,500 steps
Wednesday, 10,983 steps
Thursday, 8,000 steps
Friday, 11,000 steps

Week from October to October 2nd
Saturday, 9,985 steps
Sunday, 5,500 steps,
Tuesday, 12,500 steps, 35 mn aerobic walking, one-hour stretching class
Wednesday, 9,000 steps, 46mn aerobic walking
Thursday, 6,000 steps
Friday, one-hour stretching class, 10,000 steps

London do not climb sign

The way I feel when I get up in the morning, rusty! LOL

On the food front, I am having a really bad time. I crave sweet stuff, fat stuff, or should I say, any stuff? I haven’t managed to get back into reasonable eating ever since my trial experience.
Trying not to feel guilty 😀
Maybe after India, everything will fall back into place?



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3 responses to “Claude – getting ready for India

  1. lilalia

    Love the photo. I can understand that it would take a long time to reclaim your life after that long extensive period of jury work. Maybe India is just the right thing.

  2. sablonneuse

    Claude, you are definitely not too old to go an adventurous holiday and your fitness levels probably put you on a parr with much younger travellers. Have a great time.

  3. Sara

    NOT too old! No way! You will be so interested that you probably won’t notice that rust…
    I sympathize on both the food front and the “getting along with a tour group” front. But again I think being in such a new place will distract you from food. (at least from snacky type food)
    I was very apprehensive when I went on a cruise to Canada where I had a roommate. But it all worked out beautifully, we got along well…and it was not too hard to avoid the people whose company was wearing. Hope it will be the same for you!
    Bon voyage!

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