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Claude – a rather good week

As promised, posting on Saturday.
Sunday Oct. 5 looked grim and gloomy, a real autumn day with dead leaves flying around, wind and rain. I managed walking to the market 5,100 steps, 35mn aerobics on the Wii, 25mn indoors biking. Quite pleased to go back to indoors biking. The Wii and the bike are good on days when not much else is possible.
Monday Oct. 6 10mn stretching, 5mn abs, 1000 metres swimming, 3598 steps. Pleased with myself for keeping up with the swimming. I find it more tiring than anything else I do though.
Tuesday Oct. 7 one-hour Feldenkrais session, 8,351steps (3,695 aerobic steps)
Wed. Oct. 8 13,000 steps, 30mn + 10mn brisk walking
Thu. Oct. 9 I met a fellow photographer and we went to Père Lachaise Cemetery only walked 8,000 steps, and did 5mn abs in the morning. I wonder if the pedometer didn’t stop counting the steps at one point, although my beloved Omron has never done this before, because my feet and legs felt like I had walked much more. But then, walking and taking photos is a bit like being in a museum.
identical pedometers

My pedometer on the left. Monceau‘s counts miles

Finally yesterday, Friday, Oct. 10, another excellent day with wonderful weather. I had my Friday one-hour stretching session, walked 13,500 steps, and proudly managed 45mn brisk walking.
I am patting myself on the shoulder. 😉



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Claude – Saturday, March 1st

Had lunch at a restaurant, but tried to keep it reasonable by eating salmon with a very nice salad.

Fast walking: 20 minutes

Pedometer: 9,726 steps

On the whole, I try to focus more on exercise than on food. No doubt because I find it easier.

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