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Claude – back from the UK

I must say I had a wonderful stay in the UK. I did wear my pedometer every day, I guess I have become an addict, but didn’t keep a record of how much we walked, because I usually do this on my google calendar and almost never had an Internet access. But I would say that the average was 8,000 steps a day. Not so much, basically because we drove long distances and it takes time.

This is a photo of The Angel of the North in Gateshead.

The Angel of the North I was pretty good at my ten minutes’ stretching exercise every  morning as it really kept my back in shape. Before leaving, I had pain in my right hip and at times it was so bad I was limping, but believe or not, I discovered that I could make it go by climbing up a few steps. The pain is gone now and that’s a relieve. I even bought a trekking pole on the suggestion of my physiotherapist, and promptly forgot it in the trunk of Peggy‘s car.

I was rather naughty with food, and must admit I enjoyed cream tea

several times and fish and chips once, but my friend Catherine and I tried not to overdo it most of the time.

We had a great time meeting and staying with blogging friends like Peggy and Mrs K. and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

And guess what!
When I got on the scales, I had lost two pounds!



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Claude – May 7 to May 13

It’s been a difficult week, in terms of exercise.

On Wednesday May 7th, my pedometer said 17,000 steps, which was more than OK. Tiring though and I was in company, so no fast walking.
Thursday, all I did was drive home. Not a long drive, just some two hours but after that, I didn’t feel like doing anything.
Friday 9th, just went on errands and only walked 9,000 steps. No fast walking or biking

Saturday 10th, was invited to a wedding, so apart from eating, drinking and being merry, all I did was take photos and do a lot of standing around. 🙂 Went to bed at 3 in the morning, which got me exhausted.
The next two days, I felt so tired that I didn’t do much, just what couldn’t be avoided.

Finally yesterday, I had a one-hour Feldenkrais session followed by a walk.
My pedometer said 11,000 steps at the end

But the very satisfactory point is that I have lost 7 kilos since I started my exercise plan and at the wedding I wore an outfit I hadn’t been able to fit in for over two years!

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