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Sara – way overdue!

Hi everyone!  I have no excuse for not posting – except the very weak one that I wanted to add some photos from my visit to Massachusetts – but I have not gotten organized to even get them onto my computer.  So this will have to do.  Maybe I will add them later.  I did have a lovely visit and a great change of scenery which left me feeling quite refreshed!

Steps – Thurs. July 16 – 10095 (2550 aerobic), 301 calories.

Fri. July 17 – 7165 steps (2097 aerobic), 190 calories, plus a MARVELOUS yoga class!  I had not done a yoga class in over 10 years but managed quite well since I do keep up practice on the bridge position and the basic standing postures from time to time.  Made me think I should try to do this at least at home…since I cannot manage a regular class…

Sat. July 18 – 7879 steps, 234 calories.  Lots of food.  Lazy man’s lobster, yum yum yum.

Sun. July 19 – 9612 steps (2747 aerobic), 273 calories.  More food.  Portuguese fish stew. Yum.

Mon. July 20 – 7574 steps (2709 aerobic), 216 calories.  My birthday – now I’m 64!  Rack of lamb and crème brulée.   Yum.  Claude, I have mastered ASCII codes so am now doing accents, ta da!

Tues. July 21 – 11,119 steps (3314 aerobic), 324 calories.  My last day in Gloucester but I walked the entire length of the waterfront and back in the gentle rain…sometimes that is fun…ok, I’m weird…:-)

Wed. July 22 – driving.  2288 steps.  Oof.  I will spare you the nasty details of traffic…

Thurs. July 23 – 6439 steps (1672 aerobic), 181 calories.

Fri. July 24 – 11504 steps ( 5701 aerobic), 340 calories.  Back to the step level that I would like to become accustomed to…

Sat. July 25 – 10660 steps (7459 aerobic), 297 calories.  Yes!

Sun. July 26 – 11137 steps (5618 aerobic), 320 calories.  Yes yes!

Mon. July 27 – 9328 steps (5063 aerobic), 267 calories.  yes!

Tues. July 28 – 11968 steps (7479 aerobic), 356 calories – golly, how long can I keep this up?

Wed. July 29 – 6046 steps (2250 aerobic), 144 calories – but gee, not bad – a year ago this would have been a victory.  And it was a rainy day but I have discovered that I really don’t mind walking in the rain as long as it’s not pouring!

So that’s enough for now.  Without elderexercise I could NEVER have believed I could do so many steps in one week.  And Claude’s example has been tremendously inspiring.  “Commencer petit” and who knows where you will end up???

Best to everyone and I will post photos of Gloucester next time, I promise, or insert them into this post somehow.  I was staying at a house on a hill which offered both lovely views and lovely walks…



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Lia – Doing great

Dear All,

We are in the middle of a visit to family and friends in Montreal. We are walking, hiking, swiming, and just having the best of times. Nothing very excessive and certainly nothing to brag about, but just enough to (perhaps) counterbalance all the good food we are eating.

Sending you happy holiday thoughts!


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Lynn – delighted to join you

Hello from your newest member.

I found my way to this blog by a roundabout route–and it’s just what I need to stay on track with exercise. I like to move and exercise but am not always disciplined about it–and I also like to just sit and read a book. Recently, sitting has won out over moving more than I’d like.

A little about me–I just turned 61. I work full time as an editor for a small educational publisher–I like my work but it does mean long days sitting in front of a computer.  Like to read, knit, garden, travel, spend time  with friends, cook good food…

It’s hot and humid here in western Mass. today. I was really tempted to just sit and fan myself but I did get out and exercise:

Walked 1 mile (didn’t note time or measure heart rate)

Mowed front and side lawn (push mower, about 30 minutes at aerobic pace)


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Welcome to Lynn – from Western Massachusetts

Just wanted to let you know about Lynn, from Western Massachusetts, who has just joined us and who will soon, no doubt introduce herself.
Read about her goals here, and give her a warm welcome.

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Claude – back into la belle vie (long post)

Well, except for two consecutive visits to the dentist’s surgery (two hours each!), I am back into la belle vie.
I haven’t posted for three weeks. First, there was the verdict week, when we spent three whole days locked in a hotel, not being allowed to even get out for a few steps, working from 9a.m. to 10p.m. Quite an experience… and a tough one at that!
The step count for that week, July 4th to July 10th was:
Saturday: 12,852 steps
Sunday: lots of rest and napping
Monday: 9,500 steps
Tuesday: 11,000 steps
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were no steps days since that ‘s when I was cooped up at the hotel. Here’s what I saw from my room

Among the roofs and chimneys

Not a bad view, I’ll grant you that!

Then, I went back home and the step count for that week, July 11th to July 17th was:
Saturday was dedicated to recovering! Only went on a few errands: 5,500 steps
Sunday: 12,000 steps
Monday: 3,000 steps
Tuesday: 12,000 steps
Wednesday: 11,450 steps
Thursday: 14,950 steps including a two-hour painful session at the dentist’s
Friday: 11,242 steps with an even more painful two-hour session at the dentist’s

On Bastille Day, uniforms are all over

This was taken on Bastille Day, after the morning big military parade

And we’re here at the week that has just finished, an interesting one, since I spent two and a half days in hospital, on a general check up concerning cholesterol, high blood pressure, exercise and diet.
This was really interesting. I thought that my cholesterol count would be awful, since I must admit that all along the trial I had been pretty bad with cookies and all the chocolate goodies the jurors brought every day. I tried not to eat too many, but with the tension and all that, it was pretty hard to resist.
Well, it turns out that for some unknown reason, my cholesterol count has gone down and has never been better!!!!! Yippee!
Anyway, ever since I started the hospital programme, my efforts have never been really oriented on diet. The only things I try to focus on, speaking on diet, are
– take at least twenty minutes to eat (I look at my watch)
– restrict cheese to once a day (no more than 30 grammes at a time)
– restrict fruit to two a day (this is the hardest part) unless I can show for a high step count
– Eat charcuterie or pastry once a week to avoid any sort of frustration 😀
– avoid having cookies and stuff like that at home LOL
Apart from that, anything goes! Of course this is my contract with the dietician. Wouldn’t necessarily work for anyone else!

Now that I have achieved a regular and pretty high step count, I have to work on cardio training, wearing a heart rate monitor to burn fat. Not to try and be good-looking, mind you, but just because it seems that all the bad fat like cholesterol and triglycerides are mostly in belly and stomach fat and you don’t get to that unless you go for it with the cardio training stuff. Hope I am not boring you. If I am, feel free to ignore 😀
So I have a programme that I was already prescribed but must say I hadn’t practiced much in which I have to go a bit beyond the brisk walking and actually wear the heart rate monitor to work within my training heart zone.
As I find it difficult to raise my heart rate by walking fast –that is actually good, it means I have improved a lot. I used to be out of breath after a few steps…–
they showed me how to do it without running. What I have to do is… trot along (trottiner in French, something that is faster than walking and slower than running)
The sports instructor did it with me and I can go back to her and get a refresher if I need one. So that’s my programme for the weeks and months to come. Starting with two weeks when I won’t do it, since I’ll be in Wales with my friend Annik.

Now for a not very impressive latest week from July 18th to July 24th
Saturday: 7,500 steps
Sunday: rest and rest again
Monday: 7,835 steps
Tuesday: can you believe I forgot my pedometer? But I walked 8km (reconstituted on Google maps) 2 hours’ walking.
Wednesday: in hospital 3,300 steps
Thursday: 5,300 steps (hospital)
Friday: 10,147 steps (partly hospital) and went to buy a new pair of shoes.

Ugly, but so comfy

Ugh! Ugly, but ever sooooo comfy. They feel like slippers.


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Sandy – struggling on

It’s almost like going back to square one – but this time more because of an aching back than knee problems. Oh what fun it is getting older!

Anyway, having come through a few weeks of  being low mentally as well I’m slowly trying to get back to more physical activity.

Walking uphill towards home makes me short of breath again so I know I’m not on form. However, I’m trying to do one extra task every day that involves enough effort to work up a sweat (but that doesn’t take much doing in my state of health and when it’s hot!)

For example, half an hour’s digging or weeding is enough!

Now the rain has set in, and if the forecast is right it could last a few days so gardening is out. Maybe I’ll put more elbow grease into cleaning.

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer as well as keeping up the good work with your exercise routines.


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Lia- on our way

Right in the middle of trying to pack for our journeyt tomorrow to Montreal. The last tten days have been very busy, but I did manage to go walking 20-30 minutes long six days of the week. So, feeling quite good.

Claude, all the best getting back into your normal routine. All the best.


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