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Naomi – June 15 – 30, Portland

Steps ranged from 3, 826 low on day of arrival to  8,218 while apartment-looking, . Tried to do as much walking as possible–weather was very cooperative–though staying in a motel 20 minutes away from our daughter’s home.  Could have used motel’s exercise facility but did not.

4,500 seemed average–helped on weekdays by walking 2 year old granddaughter to childcare–as she rolled her little backpack behind.

Food intake was more controlled than previous trips, fewer meals in restaurants.


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Naomi – June 13 Goals reviewed

What was on my mind back on March One at the start to think I could lose 10 pounds by June One?  Dreams!

Weight loss – maybe one pound.  Need a new, better, smaller scale that goes in bathroom, not under the bed.  More realistic goal: One more pound by 75th birthday, early August.

Treadmill – where has that three times a week gone?  Have not done at all since end of May.  Can I focus on two things at once–pedometer + treadmill, is this for me like patting one’s head and rubbing stomach at same time?  Question still out there and will re-focus.

Food intake – Cannot recall last red meat.  Of course I think about it!  But this is most successful area.  Noshing on nuts and dates still an issue and chocolate continues as presence in everyday life.  Though there was one time….


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Naomi – June 6 -12

Movement while traveling by car (June 6 – 8) as recorded on pedometer–indicates that it would be important to increase walking about activity (in motel?) during car trips.  Of course it was very hot in Baltimore!

June 6– 4,629 steps

June 7– 4,241 steps (mostly in museums).

Food intake kept moderate during this time, though did share French fries with spouse.  Raised ire of two sister-in-laws by suggesting we leave brunch table for living room after meal…rarely politically correct here.  Record-keeping a bit faulty.

June 9– 5,118 steps even though only wore pedometer from morning to  5 p.m. because changed to skirt!

June 11 — 4,529 steps, this day with a skirt.  Takes getting used to (can’t attach to underpants for  logistical reasons)

June 12 —4,507 steps on another day in car to New Jersey.


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Julie’s starting point …

I walk to and from work but not always at the required speed. Do that this week.
Don’t drink much water at all. Have a bottle at work and a jug at home. Empty both daily.
Buy fruit Sunday and Wednesday to keep it appealing.
Buy a pedometer to measure 10,000 steps and especially the over-and-above
Join Uni-gym
Don’t accept harrassment from my supervisor – do the “let it go” routine
Stop taking on other people’s issues


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