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Claude – from Paris to Vienna and back

Two weeks without posting but I do have excuses, since they included a five-day trip to Vienna, Austria, which in a way was a plunge back into winter. But what a beautiful plunge it was!
Sun, Feb 15, 11,000 steps, 53mn brisk walking
Mon, Feb 16, a couch potato day
Tue, Feb 17, 14,000 steps, 40mn brisk walking, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson
Wed, Feb 18, 1-hour stretching exercise, 10,000 steps, 31mn fast walking
Thu, Feb 19, 12,000 steps, running errands and going around the airport. I hate airports!
Fri, Feb 20, only 7,000 steps, including the Graben on the video below

Vienna’s pedestrian zone, the Graben

Sat, Feb 21, 14,600 steps
Sun, Feb 22, 11,500 steps
Mon, Feb 23, 13,500 steps
Tue, Feb 24, 6,500 steps, back to Paris in the evening.
Wed, Feb 25, 4,100 steps just a few errands
Thu, Feb 26, 11,000 steps
Fri, Feb 27, catching up with one-hour Feldenkrais session missed on Tuesday 10,000 steps, one-hour stretching exercise,



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Naomi – Feb 17 to 26 – Inching ahead

Roller coaster weather over this time.  Doctor said it’s okay to start on treadmill.  But I should use a soft cervical collar.  Tried to find but will have to go online it seems…getting harder and harder to find things locally.  Remember the “dime” or “5 & 10” stores?  Enough–my steps:

Feb 17…5550

Feb 18…5986

Feb 19…6827

Feb 20…2566

Feb 21…4389 and 990 of inscrutable aerobic

Feb 22…2844

Feb 23…5544

Feb 24…4400

Feb 25…3394

Feb 26…5384 and 1009 aerobic [think this is “personal best”]

Spring coming so more 5,000 days should increase.  I’m at the beginning of  a major, geographic life-change, so look to EE practice to keep me centered.  More details soon.


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Holly – Feb. 18 to Feb. 25

Wed. Feb. 18 – 3369
Thurs. Feb. 19 – 2282
Fri. Feb. 20 – 1169
Sat. Feb. 21 – 1628 plus 2 hours yoga
Sun. Feb. 22 – 1529
Mon. Feb. 23 – 2654
Tues. Feb. 24 – 3925

Looking at these step counts makes me feel rather … not great! But I do feel so much better – since joining the weight loss group I’ve lost almost 4 pounds in 3.5 weeks. Am delighted about that and feeling very motivated. I want to be a whole new me this spring. 2009 is full of so much wonderful already! I’ve been asked to ghostwrite a book by a physician friend of mine. Am heading to San Francisco this weekend to work with her for three days and then we’ll be working in cyberspace together on it. I’m excited about getting back to SF even if just for three days and almost all of it working. I love that city! I plan to get some walking in. Even after losing a small amount of weight my stamina has greatly increased.


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Sara – FAT Tuesday! I plan to enjoy it!

Hi everyone – besides saying Happy Mardi Gras, I just want to thank everyone for ElderExercise.  I really cannot remember a January and February that went by as quickly and where I have been this active.  Weight had crept up to 151.5 (150 is my panic line) but today is back down to 150, whew.  And I am giving up alcohol for Lent, so am looking forward to saving some money and some calories.  It will also be good for me, I do enjoy it a bit too much, I think…there will be party tonight, going to dinner with friends, and we will have some yummy Rob Roys.  A drink from the past…

Ok, steps…

Mon. Feb. 16 – 10583 (7094 aerobic – gym & trampoline), 3.67 mi.

Tues.  Feb. 17 – 3130 steps, 1.08 mi.

Wed. Feb. 18 – 6918 (2582 aerobic – trampoline), 2.40 mi.

Thurs. Feb. 19 – 3251 steps, 1.13 mi.

Fri. Feb. 20 – 9725 steps, 3.37 mi. – contradancing!  Fun night too.  Guess it was more steady stepping since none registered aerobic, but my feet were pooped.

Sat. Feb. 21 – 7579 (4209 aerobic – gym), 2.63 mi.

Sun. Feb. 22 – 4520 steps, 1.56 mi. – running about at 2 masses

Mon. Feb. 23 – 10319 (3846 aerobic – gym), 3.58 mi.

so no wonder my weight was down this AM!  Also decided that if I really must snack before bed, it’ll be fruit.  That seems to work well.  Much better than crackers or cheese or popcorn.  Hm.

Have a great day, all, and I hope your Lent is fabulous (if you observe Lent)!  If you don’t, I just hope that spring comes quickly & you start to feel GREAT!  xo


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Sandy – I’m home

Back home and the op went well. I’m trying to walk more every day as the doctor said I should do so – even if it hurts. It does and I hate taking painkillers unless it’s really necessary.

I’m writing about it on the blog if you want the details


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Holly – Back in the saddle again Jan. 7 – Feb. 18!

you guys are so fabulous. just read a bunch of your posts and you inspire me so much. things have been rather insane for me lately. on the personal side, i seem to either be working like a complete maniac, or trying to find work. there never seems to be downtime anymore. lots of financial anxiety lately. also, over the last two weeks, been dealing with a severe, annoying head and neck pain on my left side and going to the chiropractor who is able to make it go away for a little while, but not forever. i am so  looking forward to the week of March 11 when I go to Mexico for five days (to shoot some material for my film about a community of Mayan women in the Yucatan) because I will get a few inexpensive massages! and get out of this horrible winter weather 🙂

Wed Jan 7 – 2602
Thurs Jan 8 – 3792
Fri Jan 9 – 6286
Sat Jan 10 – 6079 and 2 hours yoga class
Sun Jan 11 – 2651

Wed Jan 14 – 1498 and 2 hours yoga class
Thurs Jan 15 – 3311
Fri Jan 16 – 2911
Sat Jan 17 – 4039
Sun Jan 18 – 1422

Mon Jan 19 – 3951
Tues Jan 20 – 5055
Wed Jan 21 – 2 hours yoga class
Sat Jan 24 – 3642 and 2 hours yoga class
Sun Jan 25 – 3724

Mon Jan 26 – 5252
Tues Jan 27 – 3429
Wed Jan 28 – 3669 and 2 hours yoga class
Thurs Jan 29 – 1150
Friday Jan 30 – 3222
Sat. Jan. 31 – 2 hours yoga class

Wed. Feb. 11 – 6022
Thurs. Feb. 12 – 49
Fri. Feb. 13 – 2705
Sat. Feb. 14 – 1914
Sun. Feb. 15 – 8251
Mon. Feb. 16 – 6807
Tues. Feb. 17 – 4616

one more thing that is a complete positive; i realized after some scary medical tests that i need help and can’t do the weight thing alone. so i joined an organization that meets once a week and makes the losing weight thing very easy, all about portion control, etc. this is my third week and i’ve lost almost 3 pounds so far. i’ve got a long way to go but i know i am heading in the right direction. andiamo!


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Naomi – Jan.31 – Feb 16 Still wintering

There were some satisfying walking experiences my last week in Portland where we were in a car more than expected.

Feb 2 – 5,140 steps3,579 aerobic The beautiful springlike day I walked with my daughter, a fast-stepper.

Back in NYC, the cold weather and wintertime malaise–and more right arm pain have undermined good intentions. Mostly 3,000 steps. But I’m hoping to move upward as spring returns. Here are some better-than-average ones:

Feb 9 – 6,491 steps…
Feb 10 – 4.244 steps…
Feb 16 – 5,302 steps.

I need an HTML class as the future of computing moves relentlessly ahead!

Valentine message, Mandarin

Valentine message, Mandarin


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