Nancy (in Pennsylvania)

Why I have joined Elder Exercise

I like being physically active and able to move easily but my job is extremely sedentary and demanding. I became less physically active (and gained weight) at the end of my younger sister’s illness (ovarian cancer) due to stress and needing to be with her. Once I got out of habit of exercising regularly the benefits were no longer immediately recognizable and it has been hard to get back over the hump from exercise being a drudge to noticeably feeling better when I exercise (more energetic, less tired, happier). I’m very consequence oriented. Because not exercising, once I’m into an exercise routine, results in me feeling sluggish, tired, and grumpy, I can convince myself to exercise even on those days I’d like to be a slug.
Because my life is so busy I need to counter the excuse of being too busy to exercise with the potential embarrassment of a week going by and not having any physical activity to report. Until I get into an exercise routine I have difficulty convincing myself that I actually get more done when I take the time to exercise.

1) Walk 10,000 steps per day. This is easier when the weather is warmer (but not when it is not and muggy!)
2) Work on upper and core body strength and toning.
3) Improve flexibility.

1) Count and record the number of steps using my pedometer. [I’ll work up to 10,000 steps per day.]
2) Vary the types steps by using my step machine and climbing the stairs at work.
3) Upper body strength improvement by digging in my garden and by using the rowing machine (3X per week).
4) Stomach curls at least 3 times a week beginning with 10 reps per time. [My back will be so much happier!]
5) Stretching exercises at least 5 times per week for 20 minutes.


One response to “Nancy (in Pennsylvania)

  1. Sara

    Hi, Nancy! Some wonderful goals there. It IS really hard at first to convince yourself that you will feel better after exercising. Getting easier for me now, but it really took a while.
    I should emulate your intentions re. stomach curls and stretching. I tend to cheat on those things… 😦

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