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Claude – Monday, March 31

A pretty tiring day

Pedometer says: 14672 steps and I fast walked 35 minutes. It was the first time I tried to make it between 125 and 130 heartbeats a minute, and for some reason, it took me quite a long time to get to 125.



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Julie – end Week 4

Big week this week – I joined UniGym which is located between my home and my work. I go in the early morning which I really enjoy. I am learrning lots of new equipment and which machines I like and which seem to make a programme that I like – I dont like to get one made for me. What I do is: cycle 10mins; machines 20 mins; row 10 mins; and, stretch 5 mins. This totals 45 minutes and I intend to do that 4 times per week. On the other days, I will walk to work and back – except for Saturday.

My water consumption is increasing and my alcohol consumption is decreasing. My chocolate is down to Fri/Sat/Sun nights only. The next thing I need to do is address the breakfast problem. I have had two psychological setbacks in the last week, but am dealing with the issues and finding alternatives that are not as painful. I am sure the exercise is helping me keep on top of it.

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Claude – March 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30

Wednesday, my pedometer said 12,200 steps,
Thursday: 10,500 steps and 20mn fast indoors biking
Friday: 8,580 steps + 1 hour stretching + 20mn fast indoors biking
Saturday: 11,424 step and a 2 1/2hour Feldenkrais workshop
Sunday: 12,800 steps

Thursday morning in hospital, with loads of blood tests and more evaluation.
Quite positive, triglycerids, good cholesterol and glycemia back to normal, bad cholesterol increased a little, but doctor says there’s nothing to worry about and if I keep up the exercise, it will go down next time it’s tested. He didn’t add any cholesterol medicine ūüôā
Now I’m supposed to monitor my heartbeats and fast walking and fast biking at 125-130 instead of 120-125.

Pleased with the results.

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naomi – march 27

took subway first time since fall, scared about holding my own in crowds.¬† 55 steps to my station’s outdoor platform…good to get some exercise.¬† and needed stimulation of being out/about, good meeting new older women network local NOW (Natl. Org. for Women).

waking too early for several days: lighter in mornings.

with left hand in cast, right wrist bothering from overuse–computer.

sadly, chocolate moved back into life.

spouse has knee problem same time…feel “time’s winged chariot,” wonder about changing lifestyle.¬† he has out-patient surgery april 2.

think it’s time for trainer, serious work on balance.¬† my blog more upbeat, shorter!


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Bikinjo – Sat. 3/22, Sun. 3/23, Mon. 3/24/,Tues.3/25

Sat. 3/22: Think I was a bit too aggressive with my wt lifting barbells as I awakened this day experiencing some strain in my rt mid back area — concluded I’d forgo the barbells and didn’t do the bike either.¬†¬† Food, water intake pretty much as previously.

Sun. 3/23 thru Tues. 3/25:¬† Somehow, I seemed to have been operating in another dimension for a few days, sleep upside down bigtime, and I never got around to any exercising though back was fine within a day or so.¬† Watched a couple movies, read a lot.¬† My eating, water intake¬† remained pretty much as prev. w/added lofat ice cream at night.¬† Today, Wed., think I’m back on good sleep sked and will do exer. later.


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Claude – Tuesday, March 25

A very positive day in terms of exercise.

Pedometer says 10,200 steps.

Indoor biking for 20 minutes

One hour Feldenkrais class.

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Julie -mid week 4

Spent Easter with a friend at a music festival 6 hours south of Sydney.

Employed my credo – walk, eat, love, laugh

Pedometer – total for entire Easter was 16,860 which is about one normal day!

Thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved the music.

A beauiful part of the world.


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