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Sara – new weight-loss tool – :-)

Hello, all you walkers!  Well, after holding my hand thru my moaning and groaning about extra pounds, you will be happy to know that a solution has arisen.  NO, not more walking.  DJ-ing on keeps me so absorbed that I forget to eat!  You will see the effects on this week’s record (there was also a bit of nasty weather but I can’t really blame the weather…blush).  

Mon. Mar. 23 – 6421 steps (3541 aerobic), 2.22 mi.

Tues. Mar. 24 – 8391 steps (5781 aerobic), 2.91 mi.

Wed. Mar. 25 – 10085 steps (6577 aerobic), 3.50 mi.

Thurs. Mar. 26 – 1676 steps…say no more…

Fri. Mar. 27 – 3067 steps, 1.06 mi., but this was just from scooting around at work

Sat. Mar. 28 – 8065 steps (3754 aerobic), 2.80 mi.  After a day of blipping & plurking, I did haul myself to the gym for one frantic half hour!

Sun. Mar. 29 – 4378 steps, 1.52 mi., again just from back & forth at church.

so I am a bit backslidden, as they say…it was somewhat rainy here too.  However, weight is down & remained down for most of last week, so I am not too displeased.  And blipping is LOTS of fun!  If you’d like to check out my playlist, you can find it here…

And for Lia – if you search this site for contradancing, you will find the video that I posted in the fall – you must have missed it!  Claude, I would be very surprised if there is not some contradancing or English country dancing happening in the UK while you are there!  Just an idea…:-) 

Have a lovely spring week, everyone!  🙂



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Claude – back to cold weather

First, let me tell you that you won’t be seeing me around next week, as on April 1st, I’m off to London for a week. I might be able to keep in touch a bit through Blogging in Paris.
It’s been a really chilly week, but as long as it isn’t raining… or snowing… . Not much brisk walking. But I can’t be good all the time, can I? 😀

March 21st to March27th
Saturday:10,262 steps
Sunday was an Internet potato day!
Monday: 13,000 steps
Tuesday: one-hour Feldenkrais session 3,000 steps, and that’s because I went out for bread and stuff. But I have an excuse! My brand new iMac got delivered!
Wednesday: 10,000 steps
Thursday: 8,000 steps
Friday: one-hour stretching lesson, 11, 500 steps


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Lia- Solala

A middling to mediocre week last week. I managed to walk between 5,000 and 6,000 steps Monday through to Saturday. Yesterday, I only walked 3,000 steps.

Monday has come and the weather is sunny outside. I’m off for y walk!


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Holly – March 22 to March 28

Hola mi amigas! I’m back from my Mexico trip – which went as well as it could have gone, it was amazing. We shot more than enough great footage to make a trailer for our film, so that we can start to raise some $ to actually make the film. The weather was spectacular there, warm and in the 70’s, but I was once again eaten alive by mosquitos (they LOVE me there). In any case……

3429 and yoga class – Saturday March 28
yoga class –
Saturday March 28
– Friday March 27
3810 – Thursday March 26

230 – Wed. March 25
4558 – Tues. March 24
8043 – Mon. March 23
6723 – Sun. March 22

Happy Spring! Finally!


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Sandy – rainy week

After all those sunny posts I don’t want to put a damper on the proceeds by describing my rather washed out week – but then – the Ardennes is famous for its rainy weather.

22nd -28th March

Sunday – bit of a lazy day

Monday: 3514

Tuesday: 7528

Wednesday: 2826

Thursday: 5234

Friday: 5818

Saturday: 3709

A bit disappointing but I think my knee appreciated less stress.

The sun is shining today so maybe it means a better week is coming.


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Sara – woo hoo! me too!

Hi, everyone, it looks like spring is springing for all of us!  Me too.

Mon. Mar. 16 – 10290 steps (7452 aerobic), 3.57 mi.

Tues. Mar. 17 – 9421 steps (3552 aerobic), 3.27 mi.  Ate LOTS of corned beef for St. Patty’s Day!  (mmm)  and I do mean lots!  

Wed. Mar. 18 – 9608 steps (5954 aerobic), 3.33 mi.

Thurs. Mar. 19 – 4216 steps (1879 aerobic), 1.46 mi. 

Fri. Mar. 20 – 9040 steps, 3.13 mi. – contradancing at a rather less aerobic pace than usual!

Sat. Mar. 21 – 10384 steps (3849 aerobic), 3.60 mi.  – birthday party, had some of that all-sugar cake…not worth it…oh well…

Sun. Mar. 22 – 7269 steps, 2.52 mi. – housecleaning for a meeting – finished the day with an apple  martini, but wonder of wonders, my weight was lowest this morning that it has been since I ate all that corned beef…

So onward and upward – just loving this weather!  Today has been an internet potato day (as Claude would say) but I may yet get out and walk a bit, temp. is 45 F. which isn’t bad!

Happy walking!  Happy spring!


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Lia- good week as well

It does look as if we are finally getting out of our winter rut. I had a pretty good week:

Monday: 3000 steps

Tuesday: 8,300 steps

Wednesday: 6, 900 steps

Thursday: 5,200 steps

Friday. 5,400 steps

Saturday and Sunday: nada

I agree with Claude that it is a lot easier when the sun is out.


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