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Naomi April 2 – 5

April 2 – back and forth to hospital for spouse out-patient surgery.  went well.  before he left, needed pain prescription filled: a walking opp–5 blocks to and 5 back, uphill.  

April 4 – Treadmill 5 mins. 2.5/1.5 incline, hands free.

Trainer: Suzy.  Have worked together in the past.  Met for one hour in gym; told her concern re balance.  Suggests hearing test–think Julie made me think similar recently here.

Walking exercise: marching.   One-foot balancing.  Thinks my issue more about strenghtening leg muscle.  Worked on Leg Press and Hip Reduction machines.

Mat work: Sit-ups.  (More specifics next time when write repeats in notebook)

IE=Inspiration via Elderexercise.  Read that Claude could touch toes, so measured my distance from tip of middle finger to floor is 7 inches.  Add to goals (have not figured out editing here) to reduce to 5 inches.




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naomi – march 27

took subway first time since fall, scared about holding my own in crowds.  55 steps to my station’s outdoor platform…good to get some exercise.  and needed stimulation of being out/about, good meeting new older women network local NOW (Natl. Org. for Women).

waking too early for several days: lighter in mornings.

with left hand in cast, right wrist bothering from overuse–computer.

sadly, chocolate moved back into life.

spouse has knee problem same time…feel “time’s winged chariot,” wonder about changing lifestyle.  he has out-patient surgery april 2.

think it’s time for trainer, serious work on balance.  my blog more upbeat, shorter!


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