Lilalia (in Luebeck)

Why I do this:

I want to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to pursuing a healthy attitude towards growing old (presently 50 years old). A few years ago, after a childhood and adulthood of being vegetarian (not out of political convictions, but personal preference) and physically active, my body started to transform itself into my mother’s and grandmother’s body build: a large breasted, overweight, slightly sluggish body.

The fact that genetic predilection should be the major determinant in my body’s menopausal transformation, initially made me feel cheated. Now, I am banking on those stubborn can’t-get-me-under-the-ground-before-90 Irish genes to see me through the next decades.


Learn to listen to my body and spirit and act accordingly. I have read many books, listened to health gurus, and patiently endured all the medical advice I can take. From here on in, I am going to learn to mix the right ingredients towards living a better lifestyle myself.

Exercise regularly, eating well, working, and communing with family and friends, with as much passion and joie de vivre as possible. If this strategy works, fine. If not, I’ll try to figure out Plan B.


Walking. I live in the middle of Luebeck, a city surrounded by canals and walking paths.

Bicycling. There are plenty of bicycle paths to ride here. I work three days a week in a research institute at the university about 5 km away from my apartment. I’m doing my best to cycle there and back on my workdays.

Yoga. I’ve been taking yoga around the corner from where I live with a fabulous teacher. She is perhaps my favourite roll model when it comes to aging gracefully, with humour and intelligence.

Timeless occupations. Spend minutes, hours, and days, just reading good books, taking photographs, making collages, writing stories, and getting lost in timeless pursuits.