Claude (in Paris)

Why I do this: Basically, it’s doctor’s orders. Exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol count. I also have sleep apnea, so I need to lose weight.

  1. Be in better physical shape,
  2. stop taking anti-blood-pressure drug, avoid cholesterol regulating drug.
  3. Lose some weight


  1. 3 x a week, fast walking at least 20 mn, using a heart beat monitor. 120-125 beats a minute.
  2. 3 x a week, 10 mn or more on my indoors bike using a heart beat monitor. 120-125 beats a minute + warming up and cooling down
  3. Stretching exercises: 1h x week + leg stretching after biking and fast walking
  4. Counting and recording the number of steps I walk every day, using a pedometer

I need one whole day off exercise once a week, and will take it as I like