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ElderExercise brainstorming – winter is coming

Let’s see if we can find ideas to beat winter, cold, snowy, rainy days. Just comment and I’ll get a page or a post getting all our ideas together.

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Claude – Sunday, March 16

A rather satisfying day.

Pedometer: 8, 700 steps

Biking indoors: managed 30 mn, not much warming up though, but did some stretching movements afterwards, so I guess this can be considered as cooling down

Drank 1 litre 1/2, + lots of tea.
Still haven’t found an equivalence table for the ounces and the litres!
Will try to think about it.

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Claude – Saturday, March 15

Between the Feldenkrais class and the stretching class of yesterday, the cramp in my left thigh seems to have gone 🙂

Pedometer: 9272 steps
Fast walking: 35 minutes.

I guess I can’t think of everything at the same time, food was OK, but I totally forgot about drinking water!
Am going to start right now, although it’s already 6 p.m. here in Paris


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Claude – Sunday, March 2

Pedometer: 6,371 steps at a rather brisk pace

Biking: indoors, that is, 😉 15mn at 120-125 heartbeats per minute, with a 5mn-warming-up and a 5-mn-cooling-down, in front of the TV.

I did manage 1 litre mineral water. 😉
I know pretty well that I won’t be doing much tomorrow, as we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday.

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Claude – Saturday, March 1st

Had lunch at a restaurant, but tried to keep it reasonable by eating salmon with a very nice salad.

Fast walking: 20 minutes

Pedometer: 9,726 steps

On the whole, I try to focus more on exercise than on food. No doubt because I find it easier.

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Claude, Friday, February 29th

1 hour stretching exercise,
11,603 steps including 35 mn fast walking.
First time I manage the fast walking and the stretching exercise on the same day. 🙂

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