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Claude – very good week!

Saturday Oct 25: 7,800 steps (3,652 aerobic steps)
Sunday Oct 26: 12,500 steps, one-hour brisk walking, I don’t think that had ever happened to me! Quite proud of myself!
Monday, Oct. 27:10,200 steps, (5,600 aerobic steps)
Tuesday, Oct. 28: one-hour Feldenkrais session, 13,400 steps, 25mn brisk walking

on that day I had a doctor’s appointment.
With the cholesterol and HBP doctor. He measured me and said my waist was 1.5cm smaller, and that I had lost 1.5kg since July 15! (that’s almost three pounds) I was delighted.
And mind you, I got out of there with the following prescription: eat 30g almonds and 2 specific-brand yoghurts a day, in order to lower a bit more my bad cholesterol and increase a bit more the good one…
I LOVE almonds! Only, I tend to feel totally stuffed with that many a day!

Wed. October 29, 45mn brisk walking, 10mn yoga on the wii
Thu. Oct. 30, 5,000 steps, 45mn indoors biking, one-hour Feldenkrais session
Fri. Oct. 31, one-hour stretching session, 9,800 steps

I hadn’t had a week like this in a long time.
Belated happy halloween and am very hopeful for US elections…



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