Claude – very good week!

Saturday Oct 25: 7,800 steps (3,652 aerobic steps)
Sunday Oct 26: 12,500 steps, one-hour brisk walking, I don’t think that had ever happened to me! Quite proud of myself!
Monday, Oct. 27:10,200 steps, (5,600 aerobic steps)
Tuesday, Oct. 28: one-hour Feldenkrais session, 13,400 steps, 25mn brisk walking

on that day I had a doctor’s appointment.
With the cholesterol and HBP doctor. He measured me and said my waist was 1.5cm smaller, and that I had lost 1.5kg since July 15! (that’s almost three pounds) I was delighted.
And mind you, I got out of there with the following prescription: eat 30g almonds and 2 specific-brand yoghurts a day, in order to lower a bit more my bad cholesterol and increase a bit more the good one…
I LOVE almonds! Only, I tend to feel totally stuffed with that many a day!

Wed. October 29, 45mn brisk walking, 10mn yoga on the wii
Thu. Oct. 30, 5,000 steps, 45mn indoors biking, one-hour Feldenkrais session
Fri. Oct. 31, one-hour stretching session, 9,800 steps

I hadn’t had a week like this in a long time.
Belated happy halloween and am very hopeful for US elections…



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4 responses to “Claude – very good week!

  1. naomidagenbloom

    Oh my goodness, there you go again–up, up, and away with steps, biking! What is “yoga on the wii”– sounds interplanetary.

    After his quad by-pass, spouse was told to limit nibbling to toasted almonds; now i eat them too. At first your 30 grams sounded immense, then took out ball of 50g. yarn and it’s only 1-3/4 ounce. So doctor suggestion would be little over one ounce, something you could space out over a day?

    Picture of Obama in black gym clothes, dark glasses in today’s NY Times. Looks very serious. Yes, now the hard work gets harder.

  2. Naomi, wait till I post tomorrow! One cannot have two weeks in a row like this!
    I have the almonds in two episodes and try to remove something else from my food, otherwise, I’ll put on weight, which is not the idea behind the thing!
    The Wii is a console that has a balance board, called WiiFit and I wrote a post on this very blog about it. I did have some trouble finding it though…

  3. Sara

    Fantastic health news, Claude, and what a prescription! I only wish that I could stop after 30 grams of almonds. Wegman’s has something called tamari almonds which are just so tasty that I can eat and eat. And they are terribly fattening! But lovely to know that something fattening is actually good for you — 🙂
    and hurrah for the hour of briskness — I know it was tough to resist the lure of circles — 😉

  4. OMG i LOVE tamari almonds. i can’t even keep a bag around though – they taste so good it makes me want to eat them all. so i have stopped buying them 🙂

    yoga on the wii sounds divine. i will gift myself with a wii next year at some point.

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