Lynn–Where is everyone? Are we still blogging?

Hi all. I’m starting to feel like the lone voice in the wilderness. I hope everyone is OK and that the blog absence is due to general busyness and not ill health.

We’re seeing signs of spring here in Massachusetts. I’ve been walking more as well as doing my yoga/stretching/strengthening exercises at least 2x a week. I need to lose some winter weight.

It would be good to know whether or not we’re continuing the blog and perhaps formally put an end to it if we’re not.




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2 responses to “Lynn–Where is everyone? Are we still blogging?

  1. Sara

    See my comment on your previous post – I will try to post here before the day is out! Hullo, Nancy, are you there? Lia, I see you are dropping in from time to time, hope all is well.

  2. lilalia

    Lynn and Sara, yes I am being a loyal reader. Still, with you guys.

    Freelance business slowly showing some promise. It’s a full time job just getting communications up and running with various potential customers. Quietly optimistic at this point in time. Will join back into blogging about exercise hopefully at a future date. Keep on writing!

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