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Naomi – June 6 -12

Movement while traveling by car (June 6 – 8) as recorded on pedometer–indicates that it would be important to increase walking about activity (in motel?) during car trips.  Of course it was very hot in Baltimore!

June 6– 4,629 steps

June 7– 4,241 steps (mostly in museums).

Food intake kept moderate during this time, though did share French fries with spouse.  Raised ire of two sister-in-laws by suggesting we leave brunch table for living room after meal…rarely politically correct here.  Record-keeping a bit faulty.

June 9– 5,118 steps even though only wore pedometer from morning to  5 p.m. because changed to skirt!

June 11 — 4,529 steps, this day with a skirt.  Takes getting used to (can’t attach to underpants for  logistical reasons)

June 12 —4,507 steps on another day in car to New Jersey.



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