To get an invitation to join the ElderExercise support group, you need to be a woman over 50, to be willing to post to the blog at least once a week and to be ready to comment on other members’ posts.

  • If you have thought it over and wish to join, please send an e-mail to elderexerciseATgmailDOTcom.

    You will then get an e-mail from WordPress that says


    Thank you for signing up with To activate your newly
    created account, please click on the following link:

    http://with a link that you’ll have to click

    –The Team

  • IMPORTANT! This link in the WordPress e-mail is only good for two days. If you don’t reply within two days, we have to start from scratch again!

  • Once you have clicked the link in the e-mail, and told you’ll get to a page that will say

    Your account is now active and will state your login (username) and your password.

  • Then, all you’ll have to do is send a mail to elderexerciseATgmailDOTcom to let us know that you’re all done. This is important, because we have no way of knowing you have actually clicked the acceptance link unless you let us know.
  • At that point, we’ll add your email address to the list of ElderExercise users, will let you know about it, and you’ll be all set to post.
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