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Claude – Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 April

Tuesday, I did 10mn stretching in the morning
pedometer said 13,400 steps and one hour Feldenkrais
I managed 50mn fast walking –it IS so much easier when the weather is nice–
and had a one hour Feldenkrais session.

Wednesday, I hardly walked at all as my daughter was here and we had a nice get together.
But I managed 50 mn fast biking in the evening. The longest I have ever managed. Watching a DVD does help a lot.


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Claude – Back from the UK


Delighted with my holiday, and that’s really important! My friends and I did a lot of walking. But no fast walking or biking of course 😉
I was on an average of 11,000 steps a day, with a top at 18,000 steps one day, and the lowest day being 10,000 steps.
My stretching instructor had shown me a few things that I could try and do, and I managed 10mn daily, which I had never been doing here.
Since I came back, I am trying to keep it going.
Eating reasonably was more difficult, as I couldn’t possibly not have cream tea, or bangers and mash, or jacket potatoes.
But my scales showed 800 grammes down! I couldn’t believe it.

I dedicated Saturday19th to doing NOTHING and that was good too!

Sunday, my pedometer showed 11,300 steps and I did 10mn stretching in the morning

Today, Monday, pedometer said 12,400 steps.
I stretched this morning for 10mn
Resumed the fast biking with two episodes of Weeds, including warming up and getting back to normal. The fast biking was 40 mn.

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Naomi – April 5 – 15

Exercise very up and down in this period.  Mostly result of sleep problems.  And discomfort about public transportation with hand in/out of cast.

April 9 and 10, Subway trips (61 steps from street to platform) and getting off at wrong stop (10 blocks to walk) provided exercise.  April 9, cast removed, next day began hand therapy where splint was made for use when not in house.  Two fingers left hand now taped together.

Knit again–probably too much.  Also computer typing more: have to watch this. 

April 11 – Hour in gym with Suzy.  Exercise went well.  Have not gone to gym between sessions.

April 15 – Hand therapy again.  Also work on right hand/shoulder which have been problem ever since  knitting 150 red wiggler worm interpretations (yes) for art installation.  This time splint made for right hand for sleeping.  Yikes… feeling decrepit.

Generally in a semi-funk, also having internal minor distress.  Spouse doing fine but wants faster improvement.  We  have to focus on being more out and about.

Claude, thanks for the nudge.

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Julie – end Week 6

Gym still very good. However, thinking that I would go on a Sunday has not eventuated. I am about to go on holiday into the centre of Australia for 2 weeks. Will redesign my gym days upon my return. This week, however, I am looking to increase the workload to push myself harder rather than worry about doing myself damage. Last week I cooked myself a very nutritious pie which lasted me for 4 evening meals. This might be the way to go to stop me picking. Now to work on my water consumption. Actually – I will work that up during my holidays as I will need lots of water each day in the Red Centre. I went to the neurologist about what had been diagnosed as “peripheral neuropathy”. This chap has a different opinion which he is sending me on lots of tests to get data for. Some this week, others the week I get back. Shall see what eventuates.


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Bikinjo – 4/12

Fri. 4/12 – Since last post I have been maintaining food and water intake as prev. reported, but not exercising (probably could have — impeded by my attitude or frame of mind, I guess.)

Left groin discomfort min. to none now — stationary bike seat lowered one more notch.

Cont. to indulge sev. hr. lounging after awakening reasonable a.m. hour following retiring 8 hrs. earlier & sleeping well.  Prefer to believe I need and deserve the rest, but may be avoiding an unwanted task.

Food: Blinner only today: Bacon, cheese, tomato, avocado omlette, slice avocado bread, lge serving fresh mixed fruit, thick slice zuccini bread.    Later: 2 small glazed almond scones.  Will likely have dish of “light” butter pecan ice cream later & unbuttered popcorn even later.  Water & lemon w/meal(s) now instead of decaf coffee.

Exer: Warmup stretching, 5 lb. barbell lifting to shoulder height x5; 10 mins. sta. biking; pulse stead at 70bpm pre and post exercise.

Goal: just to keep exercising 3 to 5 to 7 times weekly.; increase bike time and number of barbell lifts.


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Claude – Tuesday, April 8

As I said, my heel was chaffed and I was given a sort of plastic film to cover it and heal it that seems to work wonders.

Pedometer says 13,000 steps.

I got one of those tables for hospital beds and sat it next to the bike, set my laptop on it and watched an episode and a half of Weeds —-strange! But it beats doing nothing.
I fast pedalled for 42mn, which is my best time ever! 🙂

Quite pleased with myself.

Thursday, I’m off to Norwich, so no fast walking or fast biking for over a week, but a lot of walking, no doubt.


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bikinjo – 4/7

WordPress won’t let me type post after repeated trys different times of day/night, so will try typing this comment.

Haven’t been bikin’ since last post end of March. Will get back to it. Observing same good (I think they’re good ;-) eating, drinking water habits still.


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