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Update: Kay

If y’all have read my blog, you know it’s the silly season for my town.  Me being me and my friends being my friends believe that we’re not too old for this stuff so it’s a busy week here and I’m trying to keep up with everything and work and get the prep work done before the brunch at my house on Saturday.  It’s playing hell with both my diet and exercise programs so I’ve been lax.     Mea culpa!  Tonight is the Rib Burnoff with .38 Special and it’s again tomorrow night with C&W star Joe Diffey performing not to mention all the stuff going on this weekend.  Yeah, I’m cheating a lot!! 

Next week I’ll be back on track when things return to what passes for normal in my life.



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Sandy – latest – 30th July

Sorry there’s still no exercise to report but I did see the rheumatoloque yesterday and she suggests a course of ‘infiltrations’  similar to the ones Bear has just had. However, the prescription she’s given me is totally reimboursable as I don’t need such ‘strong stuff’. The bad news is that she’s off on holiday next week so can’t start until the middle of September.

She still maintains it’s a meniscus problem although the specialist said it was a malformation of the kneecap. If these injections don’t do the trick she’ll ask for further x-rays.

Of course, she said I should lose weight and I fully agree but that’s easier said than done when you’re not very mobile. Anyway, my daughter is going to take me in hand and we’re going to eat sensibly together but still give Bear the kind of food he likes.

So I’m confessing to 82.5 kilos at the moment and I’ll let you know how it goes. (It won’t be easy with lots of visitors in August so wish me luck!)


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Sara – my last week of semi-vacation…

Well, this week I will have to do some serious work, boo hoo.  Can’t complain too much, at least my job has a slow season!  It was moderately hot this week, but having lived in Miami, Florida, it never seems REALLY hot in Pennsylvania to me…

July 23 – 1032 steps;  July 24 – 7400;  July 25 – 6539; July 26th – 5699, and I am particularly happy to have walked on this day, since I also spent a lot of time pulling weeds and moving plants around in my back yard.  There is more to do but I am procrastinating…

July 27 – 8945 steps.  Yes, it definitely helps to have a goal — such as walking to the store, even if you only need 3 things!  (easy to carry)

Mid-week I managed some abs exercises but didn’t do any the last couple of days.  Oh well…

Stay cool, everyone!  (but I think I’m keeping my underwear on…)  🙂


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Claude – before leaving for England

This is my last post for a while, since I won’t be around, or posting from Wednesday 30th to Monday, August 11th.
Here’s my last week in review, before I leave for England.
Monday July 21: I walked 6,000 steps and did my abs routine for three minutes
July 22: 4mn abs, 4,000 steps, 35 Wii aerobics, 25mn Wii, 1 hour- Feldenkrais session (with a CD)
July 23: 11,000 steps, 1-hour Feldenkrais session, 2mn abs
July 24: 2mn Abs, 35mn Wii aerobics, 25mn yoga and gym on the Wii, 6,000 steps, 700m swimming. Incidentally, the swimming-pool I went to was a salted water swimming-pool and I found that it was much easier to swim there than in my “usual” (I’ve only been there twice or three times, so can I call it usual?) swimming-pool at home in Paris.

raspberry tart

Should this be posted at ElderExercise?

July 25, pedometer said 8,000 steps, and I did 2mn abs.
July 26, I walked 5,000 and just did a lot of flat-cleaning, and found that I didn’t feel like much exercise afterwards!
Finally today, I drove home from Normandy, and later walked some 5,500 steps, did 45mn aerobics on the Wii, 15mn yoga also on the Wii, 2mn abs.
Was a bit naughty with food all week, but this is what happens to me when in Normandy, for some reason. However, I managed to be moderately naughty: bought some chocolate but only had three pieces, had strawberry pie and raspberry pie on (two different days) and had “lunch” today at McDonalds with my daughter and her boyfriend, am ashamed to say I enjoyed it, and did not finish the fries 😉
So exercise not too bad and food not too bad either 😉
Enjoy your exercise till August 12th! I’ll be walking and walking!


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Lia: This week’s exercise

This week’s exercise is more or less how I hoped it would be; a bit of exercise each day.

Friday: Yoga 15-20 min, walking 6000 steps

Saturday: Walking 7000 steps

Sunday: Yoga 10 min

Monday: Yoga 25 min, walking 5000 steps

Tuesday: Yoga 10 min, cycling 7 km, walking 7000 steps

Wednesday: Yoga 30 min, cycling 10 km, walking 5000 steps

Thursday: Yoga 20 min, walking 10,000 steps

I’m finding that it is good to use the pedometer at the moment. This is because I am not out walking briskly so much due to the heat and busy-ness of my life. So, the steps are just what I more or less do in between work and home.


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Lia’s Tips: Keeping your cool in hot weather

I’ve had the blessing of visiting and living in a few countries which are hot all year round. I’d thought I’d share with you some of the ways to keep cool in hot weather. These are the following practices I’ve observed, they are not perhaps scientifically proven, but they are green and they are well meant:

Seek shade and breezy

Avoid extreme temperature changes. Moderate temperature changes are better for regulating your body’s internal thermostat. So, if you must use air conditioning in your home, change it’s temperature throughout the day to be just 4-5 degrees Celsius difference with the outdoor temperature.

Whenever possible, open a window or turn on a fan and create a draft, rather than turning on an air conditioner. Seek out shaded areas in a park or on a lake and hunker down for a read or a snooze. Quiet occupations in shaded areas helps your body to cool down. Escaping into a freezing movie theatre only produces temporary relief and adds strain to your body when you leave.

Cool feet

Dip your feet and lower legs in water whenever possible. We don’t have air conditioning at work (actually, we don’t have much air conditioning anywhere in Germany) and so whenever there is a heatwave and the temperature in my office is higher than my blood, I put some cold water into a plastic garbage bin and rest me feel and lower legs there until my body temperature cools down.

A friend of mine in Australia told me recently that when she gets too hot, she puts on wet socks, lies down in dark room and aims the fan at her feet.

Eat cold and drink hot

Most of the countries that I’ve been in that have extremely hot weather have this practice of eating cold (actually room temperature food) and drinking hot teas all the day through. Some of the countries eat a hot meal early in the morning or very late at night, but during the day they eat temperate food.

This is obviously because they don’t want to put the stove on during the day, but even so, when given the choice in restaurants or other venues, they still do not eat heavy hot meals.

Universally, people in those countries drink hot tea the whole day through. My two favourite teas for hot weather are sage tea and mint tea. Sage tea is, according to my herbalist, an old remedy for perfusive sweating and hot flashes. I mix up a large pot in the morning and drink it throughout the day. For mint tea, I just crumble numerous fresh mint leaves in a glass and pour hot water over it.

Move slow

Have you ever noticed that people in hot countries move with a slow grace? Learn to replicate the walk and practice it diligently. Stop rushing.

Loose clothing and no underwear

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes. Try wearing kaftans or loose tops and skirts. Try not wearing underwear when wearing a dress or skirt. Seriously, it works.

So, that is it for now. I hope you find one or two of the tips helpful.


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Claude – blogging tips and tricks

I think our cooperative blog has really taken off. I find that writing once a week is acceptable. Not too much work.
I like coming back to the blog and reading what you’ve written and comments. I find that the comments provide quite a lot of food for thought.
One of the things that I don’t like is the fact that you only get in the mail, those comments that have been written on YOUR posts! Which means that if you ask a question in a post, you have to go back there to see the answer, if any.
Well, I just remembered about RSS! Are you using an RSS reader (they are also called aggregators), like Netvibes or Google Reader? If you do, you can go down to the bottom of our sidebar and click Entries RSS and/or Comments RSS and you’ll see in your RSS reader when anyone has added a comment anywhere in the blog.
Here’s what my Netvibes shows this morning:

Here are How-To’s from three of the most popular aggregators/RSS-Readers

HYou have to choose an aggregator and sign up
here’s how to use Google Reader
How to use Netvibes
How to use Bloglines

I wonder why I never thought of that before, as I have been using an aggregator for my blog reading for quite a while.
Any more suggestions?


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