Our first meeting

I will be writing an update once I get home.

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This is goodbye, I guess

When Lynn, who has been faithful to the end asked where we all were, I should have replied sooner, but I was busy with my darn knee.
What happened on this blog is that slowly but surely, everyone lost interest. I for one, found another place, which had more resources than we had here, thanks to Sara, who introduced me to it.
I started on SparkPeople in June, and for a while, kept reporting about my exercise at both places. After a while, I also felt like it was not my “job” to nudge members into posting and when the only commenter is a former member 😉 maybe we should close down. If you all agree, this is what I am going to do and say goodbye.
Sara, Lynn and myself have moved to SparkPeople on a private (at the moment) team called… ElderExercise. If you wish to join us there, just drop either of us a note and we’ll send you an invite.

It was nice while it lasted, but it’s time to move on.


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Lynn–Where is everyone? Are we still blogging?

Hi all. I’m starting to feel like the lone voice in the wilderness. I hope everyone is OK and that the blog absence is due to general busyness and not ill health.

We’re seeing signs of spring here in Massachusetts. I’ve been walking more as well as doing my yoga/stretching/strengthening exercises at least 2x a week. I need to lose some winter weight.

It would be good to know whether or not we’re continuing the blog and perhaps formally put an end to it if we’re not.



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Lynn–checking in

Hello all. Just checking in and wondering what’s up with everyone. Winter does seem to be hanging on here with a bitter grip. I got away for a long weekend in Florida this past weekend, which was wonderful and hot. Lots of flat walking which was relatively easy on my knees. \\Exercise continues to be spotty. I began walking outside more when the roads got a bit less icy and the afternoons stayed light longer but things have gotten icy again. I’ve been doing stretching & strength work 2 or 3 days a week but need to be more consistent about that. My knees continue to be an issue–I just bought a book through Amazon–Yoga for Arthritis. Looks interesting. Claude, how are your knees these days?

So, what are we doing about this blog? Is this just a temporary hiatus or are things coming to a close?




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Lynn–signs of spring

Hmm–well that might be a bit overstating it–but I was delighted to see that the temperature will be climbing all of this coming week and might get close to 50 by the end of the week.

I’m feeling buried in snow here in Massachusetts. I had someone come to shovel my roof last week after the roof of a house in my neighborhood collapsed into the inhabitants’ living room–one article I read said that the accumulation of snow we’ve had this winter is equivalent to parking a couple of SUVs on the roof. Anyhow, all that roof snow ended up in big snow mountains outside my front and back doors. The guys carved a path through the front door snow mountain but I don’t think I’ll be exiting via the rear door for a while.

This is all to say that I’ve got a touch of cabin fever and have not been exercising much other than my usual stair climbing at work and periodic bouts wrestling the snow blower up and down the driveway. I’m feeling very out of shape aerobically and my pants are starting to feel a bit snug so this has got to change. I did get out for short walks the past couple of days and hope to do so again today–the ice is finally beginning to melt from the roads and sidewalks in my neighborhood.

How is everyone else faring? I see we’ve all gone silent for the winter.

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Sara – getting back on track

Well, it’s been quite cold here – a couple of days ago I awoke to zero degrees F!   We have more cold coming this week – maybe one day approaching mere freezing – so best get used to it.

You will notice I’ve been experimenting with Bollywood Dance.  Let’s see if I can put a photo in here…

the dvd I've been using

Hm, didn’t go in as large as I wanted…oh well!  I must admit this is fun AND aerobic, but I don’ t think it burns as many calories as Leslie, so I’m back to Leslie – with perhaps some Bollywood thrown in for variety from time to time.  There is quite a lot of flexibility work however which is nice and different from Leslie.  Also lots of core movement.  and the music is great fun!  There is a playfulness in Bollywood dance that I really like – this is different from belly dancing which is pretty seriously sexy.  Bollywood is more fun sexy!

My prosaic step record –

Thurs. Jan. 13 – 12658 steps, 4261 aerobic (24′ = 1.5 mi. LS; 27′ = Bollywood Dance) ST pliés/relevés 6×8, grand pliés 3×8.
Fri. Jan. 14 – 7544 steps, 3688 aerobic (50′ Bollywood Dance)
Sat. Jan. 15 – 8321 steps, 2468 aerobic (1.05 mi. outdoors, in cold, 18′)
Sun. Jan. 16 – 4703 steps, 0 aerobic
Mon. Jan. 17 – 6847 steps, 3110 aerobic (28′ = 2 LS miles)
Tues. Jan. 18 – 11658 steps, 7191 aerobic (cardio 24′ = 1.5 mi. outdoors, 27′ = Bollywood)
Wed. Jan. `19 – 8705 steps, 4839 aerobic (37′ = 3 mi. LS, flat belly DVD)  ST = 4×10 bicycle crunches
Thurs. Jan. 20 – 6303 steps, 0 aerobic
Fri. Jan. 21 – 6197 steps, 3854 aerobic (1 mi. outdoors, 1 mi. LS with boost)
Sat. Jan. 22 – 13660 steps, 10881 aerobic (1.5 mi outdoors, 5 mi. LS – total 85 min.)

I have been overeating and not tracking my food so all that calorie burning still didn’t keep me from gaining up to 138.5.  But now after the last two days I am down again to 136 and hoping to stay there, if not a bit below, until mid-March.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with eating a bit more and trying to keep my exercise constant at 4 miles, 6 days a week, if I can.

ST = well, we’ll see!  Right now I am not feeling motivated, but maybe if I alternate ST with cardio, I can do it.

I’m also going to really try to post each Sunday night, through the day before, since sparkpeople’s week begins on Sunday.  Makes it a bit easier to transfer my doings from spark to EE.

I hope you all are well and still moving/walking/singing/elliptical-ing happily, in whatever weather conditions you have!

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Lynn–good habits die fast

Oh my, it’s winter isn’t it? I’ve been reading all these articles recently about the horrors of being a couch potato–but really, in the winter in New England, it’s hard to be anything but a couch potato unless you love skiing (which I don’t). Today is our 3rd snow day this month–snow all morning, freezing rain now–this does NOT entice me out for a walk! But there’s always Leslie…

I haven’t been good about keeping records of exercise–one of the habits that died over my break. However, I have walked to a LS DVD once, done a 20 minute gentle aerobic dance routine once, done some strength/stretching work a couple of times, muscled a snow blower up and down my driveway several times, and spent a few minutes with a long handled roof rake getting some of the snow off my roof.

I will start keeping records this week so I can offer a more detailed report next time I post.


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Sara – to Paris and back! Ooh la la!

Bonjour, tout le monde, je suis arrivé de Paris, après une bonne visite avec Claude!  OK, now I’ll return to English since my French still isn’t all that great.  Claude and I had a wonderful time hanging out together, walking, taking photos, eating, talking, etc. etc. etc.  Weather was cold but that just made it nicer going into restaurants and cafés.  I had some truly exceptional food and will share just a few photos…

But first to fill in my exercise record before leaving…

Dec. 26, 2010 – Jan. 7, 2011 – week of my trip to Paris!  Weighed 137 when I left, 139 when I returned!
Sun. Dec. 26 – 3528 steps (3 Leslie abs miles)  ST – 3×10 bicycle crunches
Mon. Dec. 27 – 10446 steps (4862 aerobic)
Tues. Dec. 28 – 10001 steps (5357 aerobic – maybe these were the Cincinnati steps…hmmm…)
Wed. Dec. 29 – 7836 steps (4215 aerobic in the Cincinnati airport during layover, sometime) – this step count is off due to resetting the pedometer.  I can’t figure it out & who cares…

I arrived in Paris early on Wednesday the 29th and Claude and I went to dinner that night at a Left Bank restaurant that I had discovered two years ago.

Our first night was spent at Le Petit Pontoise, and here is Claude anticipating dinner!

I had a beautiful leg of hare with a yummy dark brown sauce and tasty carrots and potatoes.  Claude had magret canard – orange sauce – which she said was marvelous.  We like this place!  AND it’s quite close to my hotel.
Thurs. Dec. 30 – reset time – 11686 steps (3841, incl. 22′ on Claude’s elliptical)
Fri. Dec. 31 – 20626 steps (6223 aerobic)

We spent New Year’s Eve together, eating quail with celery root and figs and Cote du Bourg red wine (can’t do that accent, Claude, it wants to close my page!)

The next morning, I set out to walk to Montparnasse and ended up bypassing Montparnasse and seeing other things.
2011:  Woo hoo!
Sat. Jan. 1 – 11971 steps (4494 aerobic)

On New Year’s Day, I ate this

tartare saumon avec frites et salade, at Au Vieux Colombier, for a very reasonable price! Delicious!

Sun. Jan. 2 – 17628 steps (5240 aerobic)

As you can see, I did a lot of walking in Paris even though I was a bit jetlagged!  Good thing, since I also did a lot of eating!  I went to Notre Dame for several festive masses on Epiphany – here is what the beautiful altar looked like

Notre Dame's high altar with crèche, Epiphany - music was incredible, Maitrises de Notre Dame!

Mon. Jan. 3 – 13510 steps, zero aerobic
Tues. Jan. 4 – 19194 steps (4986 aerobic)

I resisted the siren song of these Christmas market goodies near St. Germain des Près...

But I must confess to enjoying quite a bit of vin chaud, irresistible in the chilly weather!   It kept me walking…
Wed. Jan. 5 – 14760 steps (1123 aerobic)

I did indeed climb the 450 steps to the top of the towers of Notre Dame and here is the proof...

Thurs. Jan. 6 – 16225 steps (2085 aerobic)

One of my nicest meals was here, on rue Montagne St. Geneviève, but my exposures were off so I'm showing you the resto...

Fri. Jan. 7 – 5844 steps (flew home)  boo hoo boo hoo…there was free wine on the plane which helped me sleep a bit…and then coffee to get me ready for the 3 hour drive from Pittsburgh to home…

And now at home, my body is finally realizing that it’s not in Paris any more…
Sat. Jan. 8 – 4406 steps – pretty out of it due to jet lag – weighed 139 lbs., only 2 more than when I left!
Sun. Jan. 9 – 8678 steps (50′ cardio = 3 LS miles, 2 of them w. arms focus)
Mon. Jan. 10 – 8836 steps (54′ cardio = LS 4 mile challenge; 12′ Pilates abs video)
Tues. Jan. 11 – 7428 steps (44′ cardio = 3 LS miles, 1 legs focus, 1 fast); ST pliés/relevés 3×8 – finally began to sleep on a normal schedule!
Wed. Jan. 12 – 8876 steps (42′ cardio = 3 LS abs miles); ST bike crunches 3×8 – hit my goal weight of 135 pounds, thanks to eating differently, I think as a result of the trip.

Today I oscillated back up to 136.5 but that is to be expected.  A wonderful vacation, lots of great food and drink, and still on track – what more could one want for 2011?

I’m not making New Year’s resolutions, but I am laying a few tentative plans which I will tell you about in future posts.  For starters, I am experimenting with Bollywood Dance videos, beginning today!  I need some variety, a change from Leslie, and I may also add some Zumba, will try out some videos from Netflix.

Work begins again in earnest on Monday and there is a choir party Sunday night, so I have a few more days of improvised activity which I am looking forward to.

See you all soon again in 2011!  Hugs, Sara


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Lynn–back in town but being a bit of a slug

I had a great time in California, visiting family who live in the Bay area. It was so nice to be in a milder climate–even went for a short walk on the beach on Christmas eve. I didn’t get much exercise, alas. Lots of our touring around was by car with just short walks. But I did have one day wandering around a museum and 2 days w/ lots of airport walking 🙂

I got caught up in the “blizzard” travel disruptions on 12/27, the day I was supposed to return so I didn’t get back until 12/30–although San Francisco isn’t a bad place to be stranded.

I had great intentions to get back on track with exercise but have been tired and jet lagged and putting in extra hours at work to try to make up some of the extra time I was away. But the year is young!

I hope everyone had safe and enjoyable travels.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2011 for us all.


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Lia- a fond farewell

Dear Elder Exercisers,

A very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season to you all! I wish you a year of shared health and happiness.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stop posting on this blog. I haven’t been regular with posting and neither has my heart been in my writing and I don’t want to continue doing something badly.

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you all for building this wonderful network of friends. You have taught me much about patience and perseverance. This blog has also helped me overcome many hurtles of laziness. Claudia, you never cease to inspire me with your pragmatism, as well as deep commitment towards your exercise routine. Now that I am part of a weight lifting program and still walking regularly, I will hopefully continue building on mine.

If it is all right with you, I would like to continue reading your posts and commenting on occasion. Would that be fine?

Once again, that you all for your support over the years.

a fond farewell,



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