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Claude – good exercise week

This was really a good week especially walking and cardio exercise. I just bought myself two 1kg weights to replace the half kg weights for my arms reinforcement as trying to deal with one-litre bottles was just sort of difficult. For some reason, I really walked quite a lot this week with two days exceeding 18,000 steps.
My feet are still somewhat hurting, but either I am getting used to it or they hurt less. Can’t say that they are really comfortable although I have excellent shoes.

From Monday May 24th to Sunday May 30th
Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 29mn swimming, 700metres, 7,281steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 4X10 + 3X10 42mn cardio including 20mn jogging, 19,620 steps

We are not the only ones walking!

Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 37mn cardio with LS, 11,500steps, 10 thighmaster, 5 squats, 11,800steps
Thursday: 10mn stretching, 15 mn arms reinforcement, 10 thighmaster, 40mn cardio, 13,569steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 5X10 + 4X10, Cardio 35mn (LS 3miles), one-hour Feldenkrais class, 17,792 steps
Saturday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement (1kg), LS AHA 3-miles, 40mn cardio, 10 thighmaster, 5 squats, 13,989 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 5X10 + 4X10, LS AHA 3-miles cardio 39mn, 20 thighmaster, 5 squats, 12,421steps,



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Lynn–Rehearsals and heat

Extremes of weather and busy, busy.

Lia asked for garden pictures. Here is a picture of the cutting garden I just planted–doesn’t look like much now but will hopefully be a burst of color in a few weeks.

And here’s my ancient cat lounging near the rhododendrons, which are in beautiful bloom right now:

The community chorus I sing with gave a concert last night. To add to the challenge we had a guest conductor from S. Africa for part of the program, who was only in town for a week, so in the final 3 rehearsals we learned 5 new songs, in several different African languages, with rhythms that are unusual for white American ears, and accompanying dance steps. Oh my. On top of it all, we had some very hot weather (almost 100 on Wednesday) followed by severe thunderstorms (I didn’t work on Thursday and Friday because the town where my office is located lost power for 3 days).

Sunday May 23–planted the cutting garden plus some housework

Monday May 24–dinner with a friend followed by rehearsal–some dancing mixed in with the singing

Tuesday May 25–very hot–30 minutes weeding, 25 minute walk at moderate pace (too hot for anything faster)

Wednesday May 26–very hot–rehearsal–again some dancing mixed in with the singing

Thursday May 27–unexpected day off, 25 minutes lawnmowing, 25 minutes walk, yoga

Friday May 28–weeding for about 1 1/2 hours

Saturday May 29–3 hour rehearsal in the afternoon–a lot of focus on trying to get the dance steps right, in a hot room–felt like quite a workout, followed by the concert in the evening, also in a hot space

Sunday May 30–low key day, spent most of the day at a party on a friend’s porch, might not do much for exercise today (a nap is sounding really good 🙂 )


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Sara – a mixed week – schedules to be done

Hi, everyone – I began this week with a bang when the battery in my pedometer quit.  So on Monday May 17, I recorded – nothing!   I managed to get it going again on Tuesday but didn’t record all steps.  I have been a slug as far as Leslie goes, but have stuck to my food recording – I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning.   Did virtually no squats.  My legs just got tired.

So here it is, May 18-24…

Tues. 7647 (1962 aerobic)

Wed. 7302 (4488 aerobic)

Thurs. 7637 (4531 aerobic)

Fri. 13037 (1351 aerobic) – contradancing accounted for most of this – I wore the wrong shoes & my feet got very sore…

Sat. 6382 (0 aerobic, recovering from sore feet)

Sun. 7859 (1930 aerobic) – running about at church – now I have ONLY TWO choir masses remaining, then will be done for the year…

Mon. 9934 (5587 aerobic, including 1 fast LS mile).  I think I am finally back on the LS routine…plus some fast round-the-block walking which includes one nice little hill).

my last photo of the sunset I shared last week...

This week I must finish schedules for people and hymns running through Sept. 6.   It’s close but not quite done…then I will have some time for myself…as the work begins to replace the sidewalk running around our building.  I dread the noise but it will be nice to have this done…

Happy walking, all!  Now I’ll go and see what you have been up to…


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Lia – Brisk beginning, slow end

This week has been a mixture for sure:

Monday: 40 min. walking

Tuesday: 1 hr. and 40 min. walking

Wednesday: 1 hr. 20 min. walking

Thursday: 30 min. walking

Friday: 20 min. walking

Saturday: 15 min. walking

Sunday: no exercise


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Claude – from very cold to very hot

We’ve had really huge temperature variations. At the beginning of the week, it was raining and awfully cold and yesterday, I decided to get my fans out as it’s really getting hot.
I am finding it more and more difficult to reach my optimal heartrate when walking briskly. It used to be difficult to keep it down to 125bpm and now it’s difficult to get there. It’s a good sign though, as it means that I am fitter. And yet, it’s going to make my exercise life more difficult because I have to find a replacement for the brisk walking. I am actually considering joining a gym to go on their elliptic machines, but
1) they’re very expensive
2) I wonder if I’ll stick to going. You see, I know myself and have spent inordinate amounts of money in the past on NOT sticking to it, after a month or so. 😦
The other solution is to buy an elliptic machine but those are very expensive too.
There are three gyms within 5mn walking from my place… At the moment, I am thinking it over.

I took this at Saint-Denis Basilica

Monday:10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 2X10 thighmaster, 1X5 squats, LS 3-miles, 35mn cardio, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 9,245steps
Tuesday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 4X10 + 3X10 reps, 52mn cardio (24mn cardiowalking, 28mn swimming), 9,580steps
Wednesday: One-hour stretching class, 38mn cardio, 14,452 steps
Thursday:10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, abs reps 4×10 + 3×10, 10 thighmaster, 5squats, 44mn cardio, 11,200steps
Friday: 10mn stretching, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 8,888steps
Saturday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 29mn cardio, 14,375 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, Abs: 4X10 + 3X10 10 thighmaster 5 squats, 30mn cardio including 20mn jogging, 8,930 steps


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Lynn-Love the long, light evenings

It’s starting to feel summery here and is staying light well into the evening. Friends came to supper last night and we were able to linger quite late on the screened in porch–what a treat!

Although this was a less busy week, I didn’t get as much exercise as the week before–funny how that can happen. Here’s the record:

Monday 5/17–lawn mowing (front half)–25 minutes, yoga

Tuesday 5/18–rainy day and achy joints (reacting to the dampness and maybe I overdid it w/ the weeding on Sunday)–no exercise

Wednesday 5/19–dinner plans and writing group after work–no exercise

Thursday 5/20–20 minute walk at lunch at slow pace (w/ a colleague), yoga, some weeding/yard work

Friday 5/21–dinner plans right after work, short lunch break–no exercise

Saturday 5/22–housecleaning and lawn mowing (45 minutes for the lawn)

Nothing yet today (early afternoon) but plan to work in the garden as soon as my lunch digests 🙂 I’ll report next week.


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Lia – Walking & stopping off at a café

If I remember correctly, I told you about my favourite café that is located in a flowershop not far from where we live. Here is a slide show of photos taken last week…


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