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Tips and tricks: about pedometers

On a site recommended by Sara,, there’s this interesting tip about using pedometers, one that we already practice here at ElderExercise

Easy Ways to Walk Off 10+ Pounds
Find out how you can use a pedometer to your advantage

Smart pedometer wearers burn more than 100 extra calories a day, according to Stanford University research. That’s up to 12 pounds a year! Here’s how they do it:
Set goals: Walkers who aimed for 10,000 steps a day netted 4 times as many steps daily (about 1.15 miles more) as those who didn’t try for a specific number.
Log your steps: Adults who jotted down their tally added an extra 1.25 miles of daily walking, while those who didn’t keep tabs added less than half a mile.
Stay consistent: Regular wear is key to results. Try a device that can be worn with any outfit (…)

Now I think that we, at ElderExercise, keep tabs. Not sure about setting goals.
I set myself goals, like managing three sessions of brisk walking a week, but I don’t decide ahead of time how long I’m going to walk. I stop when I’ve had it.
I do keep tabs and write down my daily efforts on my Google calendar, besides doing it here.
What about you?



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Naomi – August 28 – September 18…life happens

My apologies.  Couple of things have come together, one political, the other technical.  Began doing voter registration and finally switching from PC to Mac.  The latter meant that there was about a week of getting old hard drive to Mac store and waiting for data transfer, i.e., no computer.

August 28 – Made Barackolate chip cookies night before, had insomnia, missed Thursday morning Elder walking:  2,786 steps all-time low!

August 29 – 10,182 steps, 3,716 aerobic (no idea–subway stairs?)

August 30 –  5,704 steps, 10 AB crunch machine; voter registration (sitting!)

August 31- 3,244 steps

September 1 – 7,900 steps, 3,048 aerobic

September 2 – 8,662 steps, no aerobic but was pushing Roxie’s stroller???

September 3 – 6,269 steps

September 4 – 11,094 steps, 6,740 aerobic (steep steps with Thurs. group in park), voter registration, all standing (see blog)

September 5 – 6,030 steps…Sept. 6 – 4,213 steps

September 7 – 4,687 steps, 1,323 aerobic,  10 AB crunch, Treadmill 10 min-3.4/1.0

September 8- 5,052 steps….Sept. 9 – 5,295 steps

September 10 –14,187 steps, 1,124 aerobic

September 11 – 9,745 steps, 5,506 aerobic (Thursday walking group)

September 12 – 1,382 steps (New Imac finally comes home)

Sept. 13- 1,382 steps (voter regisration seated)….Sept. 14 – 4,505 steps

Sept. 15 – 8,110 steps (voter regis. standing)…Sept. 16 –4,328 steps (voter regis.)

Sept. 17 – 7,439 steps, 1,406 aerobic

Sept. 18 – 11,197 steps, 5,649 aerobic (Thursday walk)
My apologies for the epic.  Going to stop here.  One issue have not mentioned is that I have been experiencing pain frequently in my right shoulder and arm.  Have just about stopped knitting.  My doctor gave me name of exercise physiologist who would, I hope, direct me to ways for upper body exercise.   Using weights has been off my list for many years, so need something else.  {italics not my idea; WordPress resists change.)


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Lia – Good Week

It’s been a good week. Tried a few things for the first time. Most notably, went with a friend to a public spa and we will definitely do it again soon. The 30 minutes swimming was not doing arduous pool lengths, but rather leisurely weaving in and out of a group of elders floating or doing the Australian crawl (where you head never goes down under). This might reduce the aerobics, but I never liked aerobics anyway. The other thing I tried for the first time was QiGong. Great fun. Zilch on aerobics as well… maybe there is a theme here…

Monday: Walking 7,000 steps, yoga 20 min.

Tuesday: Walking 11,555  steps, yoga 10 min.

Wednesday: Spa and swim 2 hrs (swimming 30 min), walking 7,300  steps

Thursday: Yoga 1 hr, walking 8,500 steps

Friday: nothing worth mentioning

Saturday: Walking 10,500 steps

Sunday: QiGong wake up session (30 mini), 4, 100 steps


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Sara – somewhat less silly…

or maybe I am just getting used to it!  The middle of the week is always when I just have no time or energy for the aerobic thing!  I’m finding this Omron record very interesting for what it reveals about the burning of calories and the relation of that to whether I am walking fast or slower.  Or contradancing…

Monday Sept. 15 – 9423 steps, 6477 aerobic (50 min.), 237 calories, 3.27 miles.

Tuesday Sept. 16 – 9608 steps, 4982 aerobic (40 min.), 227 calories, 3.33 miles.   This may have been the day I tested the pedometer, and it failed to pick up another 1 or 2000 aerobic steps that I did on the second leg of this walk. 

Wed. Sept. 17 – 4501 steps, 107 calories, 1.56 miles.  I collapsed in preparation for evening rehearsal.

Thurs. Sept. 18 – 2437 steps, 50 calories, .84 miles.  I collapsed even further…

Fri. Sept. 19 – 11,119 steps, no aerobic recorded, which is interesting since a lot of these steps were quite energetic since I was contradancing for three hours or so!  291 calories, 3.86 miles.

Sat. Sept. 20 – 12,343 steps, 6523 aerobic (52 minutes, I walked to Wegman’s and back), 285 calories, 4.28 miles.  Oh my poor feet were out of shape, and I’ve spent the evening on the sofa!  But it felt good.  And weight has been pretty stable which is a good sign.

I’m hoping to get in some aerobic tomorrow, even though I work in the AM and then another recruiting session at night.  Weather has been very nice, cool but sunny, just perfect for walking!   Best wishes to everyone!


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Claude – almost two rather good weeks

It’s almost two weeks since I posted. Shame on me for not posting at least once a week, as the rules of the blog say. But I did come and visit and comment! So I did half the job. 😉

But back to exercise.
I’ve had pretty busy weeks and resumed my Feldenkrais and stretching sessions. That did me a lot of good.
So here goes
Sept 8: 14115 steps, 6800 aerobic steps
Sept 9: 11,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais session
Sept 10: 5,000 steps
Sept 11: nothing
Sept 12: 13,157 steps One-hour stretching session,
Sept 13: my friend Annik and I walked 11,500 steps and we had 30mn brisk walking


No indoors biking yet

Sept 14: 4,060 steps 30mn Wii aerobics

Sept 15: I had decided to go back to the swimming-pool, but found the doors closed 😦 so I went to the movies instead, but walked there, 14115 steps, 6800 aerobic steps
Sept 16: I did go to the swimming-pool. Had a light lunch before, and that was a mistake. I should probably have had pasta or something equally nourishing.
I swam 850 metres, (half a mile) which for me is very good, but when I got dressed, I felt like my legs were not carrying me and thought I’d never manage to get home (only a few minutes away). When I got back, I had bread and jam, a cup of strong hot tea and a banana and went for a two hours’ nap!
After which, I was perfectly fine. I guess reasonable eating before swimming is important.

Sept 17: 12,082 steps, 5379 aerobic steps
Sept 18: 7,000 steps, 2000 aerobic steps
Sept 19: one-hour stretching session, 13,000 steps, 35mn brisk walking


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Ron – rowing Nowhere

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been getting used to our new rowing machine slowly, with 30 minute workouts.  Did an hour for the first time today.  Rowed 20k down a nonexistent river!  I don’t think 20k/hour is going to make anybody’s Olympic team, but not too bad for an old guy.

Best good wishes,



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Kay – sighs and effusive apologies

My friend, Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach, has a post on his blog titled “Happiness and Guilt” and below it is a blank page.  The message was that if you fall prey to guilt, you aren’t happy.  I feel truly guilty that I haven’t been here to at least be a cheerleader support y’all.  I have been a bad, bad friend here.  If it’s any consolation, I’ve been a pretty lousy blogger, too.

It’s left me upset and depressed while trying to to juggle all my obligations and commitments. Exercise, for the moment, consists of trying to keep up with housework.  

I am currently on overload.  There is far too much on my plate.  I have a zillion things on my plate between work, volunteer work, my home, my social life, my family and my life in general.  It’s taking its toll on my health now, too, and there isn’t a lot I can do about it.  Last week I had an emergency CAT scan.  The idiot ER doctor wrote it off as migraines.  Wrong!  My own doctor all but said I’m a hypochondriac.  I am not.  I think I know the root of the problem but no one is listening.  The endocrinologist took me off my thyroid medication (nodules don’t go away) and according  to a blogging friend who is also hyperthyroid, that’s probably causing my problems.  I felt better when I was taking the meds — more energy, better mood, etc.  — so she could be right.  The trick is getting somone to listen!

Enough about me!   It looks like y’all are doing a great job and I’m proud of you.  Keep it up!!!  I hope to to come by more often and hopefully get back on track when the dust settles. 

Huggggggggssssssssssss Kay




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