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Sara – once in a blue moon…

And it is a blue moon tonight, appropriately on New Year’s Eve!  Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve discovered that when I do no aerobic exercise, it’s usually approximately 3800 steps per day for me.  That’s a mile and a half,  and 90-100 calories.  I will save us all a lot of reading and say that 4 days in the last week, that was it for me!

The other days, better and worse:

Wed. Dec. 23 – 6566 (no aerobic)

Thurs. Dec 24 – 10692 (5507) – I actually went for a good walk on Christmas Eve!  Then ran around church a lot.

Sun. Dec. 27 – 6814 (2998).

Wed. Dec. 30 – 2003 (no aerobic).

Gee, looks nice when I don’t put in those other days!  🙂

And today will be pretty good because I am heading downtown to see ice sculptures and hear music.  It will be cold but not TOO cold!  Have a wonderful evening, everyone, and happy 2010!

Ice sculptures, First Night, State College, PA

From one of my Flickr contacts – not my photo!  But I like it!  A plus tard, mes amies!



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Lynn–home again

I hope everyone has had a good holiday so far. I got back from my visit to my sister in England late in the evening on Monday–spent the night in the Boston area and got home yesterday morning, wiped out by jet lag and lack of sleep.

Exercise was spotty during the time away–as I predicted icy, cold conditions kept me inside more than usual (there are some lovely long walks near my sister’s house–but the side roads and paths were covered in ice this time around). So, exercise consisted of pacing around airports on 12/20 and 12/28, two 20 to 25 minute  sessions on my sister’s exercise bike, and tonight I spent about 1/2 hour dancing around the living room to a tape of Linda Ronstadt’s greatest hits 🙂

Happy New Year!


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Claude – Holiday week not too bad

Of course, I can’t say that I was reasonable as far as eating was concerned, but that would have been quite impossible with the lovely food my daughter served on Christmas Eve. Plus there was so much of it that I had to go back for an encore on Christmas Day and ate leftovers at home yesterday.
Some of the exercise was outside, some at home. I really like the Leslie Sansone stuff. I can’t have the excuse that it’s already dark outside and that I don’t feel like getting out because it’s cold 😉 I just do the walking at home.
Monday: 15mn stretching, 20mn Leslie Sansone aerobic, 6,000 steps
Tuesday: One-hour stretching class, 9,000 steps, 30mn aerobic walking
Wednesday: 15mn stretching, 10,298 steps

My daughter gave me this thingie to exercise on. VERY HARD!
Thursday: 15mn stretching, 15mn + 10mn aerobic walk, 5mn on stepper
Friday: 15mn stretching, 15mn + 10mn aerobic walk, 5mn on stepper
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 15mn stretching, Leslie Sansone’s two-mile walk , (25mn aerobic walking), 5mn on stepper (forgot to wear the pedometer, but did wear the cardio thingie, the name of which I keep forgetting and that said it was aerobic!)
Have a lovely end of 2009
See you in 2010


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Very late in posting…sorry…here goes…

Hello, fellow exercisers – time slipped up on me – partly the Christmas workload, partly that I was sick last weekend.  Thank goodness for Omron pedometer…or I’d have lost track…

Let me start with a photo…

Just to remind us all to remember to streeeetch!

Would like to say I have been busy causing mayhem but I fear that it was only in my mind.  I came down with some sort of virus last weekend & missed parties, concerts, etc. & sat on my sofa a lot.  Not much fun but at least I am well now in time for the mayhem of Christmas!

The record:

Dec. 9-15:

Wed. 7255 (2809 aerobic) and I fear this was the last aerobic set I managed.

Thurs. 3749

Fri. 5115

Sat. 1569 – sick

Sun. 2535 – sick

Mon. 3217 – sort of sick

Tues. 2401 – getting a bit better but still erg.

Dec. 16-22:

Wed. 3241 – catching up

Thurs. 6212 – a bit of energy!

Fri. 7702

Sat. 3595

Sun. 6337

Mon. 2837 – just working at home

Tues. 5981

I’m pretty much back to normal, but REALLY looking forward to having some time off after Christmas for all sorts of things, including getting back to my exercise routine – or establishing one for the snowy days we have had.  My new stabilicers work rather well and I’m looking forward to being able to walk even when there is a bit of ice.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/happy holiday season in whatever form that you celebrate it!

Here’s to 2010!


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Lia – Under the Weather

Suffering the same snowy windy conditions Claude is, but I also have a very bad cold that makes me want to do nothing more than stay on the couch drinking copious amounts of tea and reading my way through a respectable pile of books. I have managed 15-20 minutes of walking six times in the last ten days. But, that is because we walk everywhere, having no car and bicycles are more or less out of service in the snowy conditions.

It’s taking a lot of effort to remove the snow from sidewalks, the owners of the homes or shops have to do it themselves. This makes walking through the snow extra hard; like walking through loose sand. After reading Claude’s post, I am determined to do some stretching as well. I’m letting this cold dictate my actions and that is not necessarily a good thing.


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Claude – lazy week

Week from Monday December 14th to Sunday December 20th 2009
Monday: 10mn stretching, 20mn sansone aerobic, definitely better than nothing in spite of no steps
Tuesday: one-hour stretching class, 20mn aerobic sansone, if I didn’t have my stretching class twice a week, I don’t know what would happen to me
Wednesday: 15mn stretching and then lying on my couch all day. No excuses
Thursday: I woke up to this

So guess what, I figured this was not a day to go out and I only did 15mn stretching
Friday: one-hour stretching class, 8,276 steps
Saturday: my pedometer battery died. I did walk 10mn + 10mn aerobic walk but no idea about how many steps that day
Sunday: had the battery replaced, 10mn stretching, 5,200 steps

I’m just feeling lazy. The only thing I want to do is eat, eat, eat.


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Lynn–too much going on

Not much exercise this week–just too crazy. I began the week well with Leslie Sansone and mat exercises on Monday and that was it! Running around trying to get Christmas shopping done and other errands plus work stuff all so I can leave today on vacation. I’m headed for England for 10 days to see my sister. I’ll try to walk or get on her exercise bike (I hear the weather has been awful there) but you probably won’t hear from me again until the New Year.

Hope everyone has wonderful holidays–Hanukah, Christmas, New Years–and see you in 2010.


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