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Claude – back from the UK

I must say I had a wonderful stay in the UK. I did wear my pedometer every day, I guess I have become an addict, but didn’t keep a record of how much we walked, because I usually do this on my google calendar and almost never had an Internet access. But I would say that the average was 8,000 steps a day. Not so much, basically because we drove long distances and it takes time.

This is a photo of The Angel of the North in Gateshead.

The Angel of the North I was pretty good at my ten minutes’ stretching exercise every  morning as it really kept my back in shape. Before leaving, I had pain in my right hip and at times it was so bad I was limping, but believe or not, I discovered that I could make it go by climbing up a few steps. The pain is gone now and that’s a relieve. I even bought a trekking pole on the suggestion of my physiotherapist, and promptly forgot it in the trunk of Peggy‘s car.

I was rather naughty with food, and must admit I enjoyed cream tea

several times and fish and chips once, but my friend Catherine and I tried not to overdo it most of the time.

We had a great time meeting and staying with blogging friends like Peggy and Mrs K. and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

And guess what!
When I got on the scales, I had lost two pounds!



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Claude – July 7th to July 13th

July 7th: 5,000 steps and 35 mn aerobic on the Wii. I have figured out the rythm boxing, more or less and love it as it’s pretty demanding.
July 8th was a world première. I went to the swimming-pool with my daughter and her boy-friend. Hadn’t been either to the beach or a swimming pool for the last four years, since I had cancer surgery, as they recommended not dipping into the water completely for a whole year, and I guess that afterwards, I just didn’t feel like it. Anyway, I used to swim reasonably well, but not any more. I am totally out of shape! 😉
You should have seen me huffing and puffing. Stopping every now and then, and sort of urged on by my daughter, I managed 400m and got out feeling that I’d never walk again.
Mind you, the next day, it was all forgotten!
Still, they always tell you that in the water you weigh nothing and that it’s easier than walking.
Well, folks, not for me, it isn’t.
I haven’t done it again, but am supposed to go with my daughter tomorrow…
July 9th: one hour stretching class, drove to Normandy and walked 6,000 steps
July 10th: pedometer said 7,000 steps.
July 11th: 48mn walking fast, pedometer said 15,200 steps
July 12th: 8,300 steps. Intended to go to the swimming-pool but couldn’t find motivation
July 13th: train back to Paris, walked 15,000 steps.

I always find it more difficult to find motivation when I’m in Normandy. There are all these things that remind me of my childhood, I feel like eating all the time and when the weather is bad, I could just stay at home all day long. Have to kick myself to get going.
This coming week, am going for a short trip to Geneva and maybe a couple of other places with a friend. I know I’ll be walking a lot!


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