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Lia – Fingers that dance!

The last ten days have been either reallyreally good, or horrid; in reference to my exercise regime. The good days were spent in the fitness studio (bicycling, rowing, and walking on treadmill) and two “walkie talkies” (my husband’s expression) with a friend. The horrible days, as far as exercise goes, have been spent doing all sorts of lazy stuff and computer stuff and just plain enjoying life. So, who cares if my body was in a suspended state?

Here’s a lovely video of a Quebecois guirtarist, who I love because his fingers dance and his spirit flies.

To all of us ElderExercises a Happy New Year! Thank you. Thank you. I’m sending you all my love.



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Sandy- Christmas Week

Rather a mixed week – surprise surprise.

Monday – mislaid pedometer but would have had quite a good score I think.

Tuesday- 7865, including traipsing round supermarket for two hours

Wednesday – 5776

Thursday – didn’t wear it

Friday  – 4115 (invited friends to lunch so lots of sitting.

Saturday – 6489

Sunday – 5739

The scores wuld have been much worse if it weren’t for the fact that I’m looking after Nino, the little dog next door while the neighbours go to a family funeral.

After the amount of festive food we’ve all eaten our way through so far, I think the whole family needs to go on a diet in January. There’s still a feast to think up for New Year as, now that we’re living in France we can’t let the side down. It seems as though the 31st December is as big a celebration as Christmas over here


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Sara – whew! now a bit of R ‘n R…

Hi, everyone!  I survived!  Actually all the music went very well.  and I had the perfect Christmas Day, spent with my neighbor Mickey who is one of my best friends.  We cooked steaks and various interesting side dishes and salad, and drank some cabernet, and watched her Hanukkah candles burn down. 

Mon. Dec. 22 – 3346 steps, but I forgot my pedometer for most of the day…duh.  Probably at least 2000, maybe 3000 more steps there…

Tues. Dec. 23 – 7080 steps – this was day for the kids’ choirs…

Wed. Dec. 24 – 8651 steps – the Eve itself with lots of running about…

Thurs. Dec. 25 – 4392 steps.  A pretty quiet day but lovely.

Fri. Dec. 26 – 7215 steps (1678 aerobic, by virtue of going to the mall and walking briskly all around it!).  Also 100 cardio reps.

Sat. Dec. 27 – 2760 steps, a tiny bit of jumping — really pretty much of a slug, I think this is the day I became a Plurker!  (Plurkie?)  courtesy of Claude!

Sun. Dec. 28 – 10880 steps – some at the mall, some around my neighborhood, but I kept stopping to take photos so no aerobic ones registered.  It felt so good to be OUT walking again!  And I heard birds in the trees.  The ice was thawing.  One day there will be spring! 

So not too bad on the whole!  I have one more week of relative grace (my helper is doing funerals while I keep the regular masses going) and then next week I become the demon planner again.  But I will not think of it now!  Happy New Year, all!  XO,  Sara


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Claude – a better week

This week’s been definitely better than the last, although I never managed any brisk walking. Somehow, I find this very difficul when it is cold.
Sun. Dec. 21: 7,000 steps
Mon. Dec. 22: 8, 000 steps
Tue. Dec; 23: One hour stretching exercise, 11,350 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class, because of Christmas Day, everything piled up on the same day. I normally have my stretching classes on Fridays.
Wed. Dec. 24: 10, 000 steps
Thu. Dec. 25: 5, 000 steps
Fri. Dec. 26: 10, 500 steps
Sat. Dec. 27: 6,000 steps
It’s gotten really cold again in Paris AND windy, and as I said elsewhere, I hate wearing hats and don’t even own one; But I bought this at the market this morning. So no more frozen ears excuses 😉


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Naomi Up-Down December 8-24

Before details of my in/out recent exercise, please read comment left at Claude’s December 21 post.

Following is a pretty true reflection of weather conditions in New York City.

Dec. 8 – 6,539 steps, 1,705 aerboic…Dec. 9 – 1,847 steps…Dec. 10 – 6,059 steps

Dec. 11 – 1,986 steps…Dec. 12 – 3,028 steps…Dec. 13 – 3,733 steps, 1,037 aerobic

Dec. 14 – 3,538 steps…Dec. 15 – 4, 833 steps…Dec. 15 – 3,323 steps

Dec. 16 – 3,323 steps…Dec. 17 – 5,533 steps…Dec. 18 – Left NYC for Portland, Oregon.

Everyone in Portland pretty much immobilized by heavy snow storms. Me too…then slow to reset pedometer for 3 hour time difference. Finally, out into the icy streets–

Dec. 23 – 2,884 steps…Dec. 24 – 2,317 steps.

I will be here till February 6. On the up side, having a good time with daughter’s family…looking forward to our enjoying January 20, Inauguration Day for our new President. on January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day. And to a better year for so many struggling with the changing economy.


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Naomi – Lost Post for December 8-24

Much difficulty with internet connection here in Portland, Oregon. Lost long one just now. Please read comment at Claude’s December 21. Return later.

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Sandy – week ending 21st Dec

Quite pleased with myself this week although I have to admit the extra walking has made my knee more ‘obvious’ if you know what i mean.

Monday  5272

Tuesday 4297

Wednesday 5541

Thursday 7241 !  (Christmas shopping)

Friday 6385

Saturday 3189

Sunday 2877

The bad news is that i’ve mislaid my pedometer. Couldn’t find it in any of the three usual places I leave it. It’s possible our youngest cat has found it and taken it off somewhere but I hope it turns up soon!

If not I’ll have to ask Santa Claus for another one for Christmas.

Hope you all enjoy the festivities and make the most of a chance to rest and indulge.


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