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Claude – blogging tips and tricks

I think our cooperative blog has really taken off. I find that writing once a week is acceptable. Not too much work.
I like coming back to the blog and reading what you’ve written and comments. I find that the comments provide quite a lot of food for thought.
One of the things that I don’t like is the fact that you only get in the mail, those comments that have been written on YOUR posts! Which means that if you ask a question in a post, you have to go back there to see the answer, if any.
Well, I just remembered about RSS! Are you using an RSS reader (they are also called aggregators), like Netvibes or Google Reader? If you do, you can go down to the bottom of our sidebar and click Entries RSS and/or Comments RSS and you’ll see in your RSS reader when anyone has added a comment anywhere in the blog.
Here’s what my Netvibes shows this morning:

Here are How-To’s from three of the most popular aggregators/RSS-Readers

HYou have to choose an aggregator and sign up
here’s how to use Google Reader
How to use Netvibes
How to use Bloglines

I wonder why I never thought of that before, as I have been using an aggregator for my blog reading for quite a while.
Any more suggestions?



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