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BikinJo : Monday 3/10

Cont. with warmup ex.,  inc. 8 mins. on stationary bike.  Pulse rate remains constant — same pre and post exercising.  Food intake today green salad and big bowl of fruit; not hungry.  Dr. once told me wouldn’t hurt at all to fast one day a week, so not concerned about decreased intake.   Still trying to switch around my nights and days gradually.

Julie:  Prob. isn’t not being able to sleep, it’s that I keep gravitating to being a “night person” in a daytime world.  Just a matter of self-discipline, re-training my body clock  mechanisms which periodically have gotten out of whack the past few years.   Learned hard way to avoid using computer after 9 or 10 p.m. if I want to sleep at night — think the screen light affects body mech., also stimulates too much thought and I want to write.  Am reading to aid in this transition.


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