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Sara – yucky weather but mostly, too much work…

Hello, folks,

I am backslidden, as they say in Protestant evangelical circles, and cannot get into those jeans…I blame it on too much work which always leads to stress eating…& in bad weather, less walking.  My gym membership resumes on Oct. 1st so after that I will have no excuse…probably won’t keep me from making one, however!

Sat. Sept. 19 – 7934 steps (3230 aerobic)

Sun. Sept. 20 – 12017 steps (3226 aerobic)

Mon. Sept. 21 – 10679 steps (6847 aerobic)

Tues. Sept. 22 – 10854 steps (6507 aerobic)

Wed. Sept. 23 – 7385 steps (2591 aerobic)

Thurs. Sept. 24 – 7543 steps (1538 aerobic)

Fri. Sept. 25 – 5522 steps (1887 aerobic)

Sat. Sept. 26 – 4759 steps, no aerobic – actually either today or Fri. I forgot to wear the pedometer part of the day

Sun. Sept. 27 – 9149 steps (3229 aerobic)

Well, like Claude, maybe I am being too hard on myself.  It is the overeating that makes me feel bad plus not getting into my jeans.  Plus having so much routine stuff to do & of course it never gets completely done.  Bleah.  Thanks for listening.

Plus I miss my camera, having sent it off to the Canon place to fix its pink panther syndrome.   so I’ll post a photo from last week, showing a bit of the better side of autumn here.

Leaves are changing...on my walk

Leaves are changing...on my walk

Shady sidewalk - finally using manual settings so I could catch the shade

Shady sidewalk - finally using manual settings so I could catch the shade

See you next week – looking forward to hearing from you all!



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Claude – three difficult weeks again

Difficult in terms of generally feeling lazy and aching joints. But I know that the more inactive I am and the more my joints ache! You are not going to believe this, but because of too much reading on my iPhone, I have developped a pain in my left wrist, you know like those guys who have tennis elbow? Well, Claude has iPhone wrist! (blushing)
Well, between iPhone and Kindle, I have found a new incentive to reading, that can’t be all bad. But the result is I have trouble getting my butt out.
So here we go for the last three weeks. Yes, three weeks since I posted last! (blush, blush and blush again)

My brand new Kindle, the guilty party (excuses, excuses)

September 5th to September 11th 2009

Saturday: 45mn walk, 2 and a half hour Feldenkrais session (forgot pedometer)
Sunday: 8,000 steps, 35mn aerobic pace walking
Monday: 27 mn aerobic walking, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 8,200 steps
Tuesday: 8,000 steps, one-hour stretching exercise
Wednesday: 12,140 steps
Thursday: 2,715 steps, one-hour stretching exercise
Friday: 15 mn aerobic walking, 9,426 steps
Not too bad, I did have three short aerobic sessions that week

I can’t complain that the weather stops me from walking! We are enjoying lovely weather in Paris. Just perfect.

Au Jardin des Tuileries

Taken yesterday at Jardin des Tuileries

Week 2: September 12th to September 18th 2009
Saturday: 10mn aerobic walking + 10mn aerobic walking, 3,450 steps
Sunday: nothing
Monday: 27 mn aerobic walking, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 8,200 steps
Tuesday: 8,000 steps, one-hour stretching exercise
Wednesday: 12,140 steps
Thursday: 12,450 steps, 25mn aerobic walking
Friday: one-hour stretching exercise, 2,200 steps
Again, 3 aerobic sessions that week

Week 3: September 19th to September 25 2009
Saturday: 12,245 steps
Sunday: 12,870 steps
Monday: One hour Feldenkrais session, 12,234 steps, 20mn + 15mn aerobic walking
Tuesday: 1 hour stretching class. 3,500 steps
Wednesday: 10,983 steps
Thursday: 8,000 steps
Friday: One-hour stretching class, 10,000 steps
Only one aerobic session this week
Aerobic exercise is OK once I have started it, but I find it so hard to start!

PS Re-reading this, I wonder why I got the feeling this was so difficult. I didn’t do so badly. It’s just the day to day thing that’s difficult. Push my butt out and all that.


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Lia – Doing Good

Hi all! It’s been a good week. Mostly because the weather has been nothing less than spectacular. Can’t remember the last time we’ve had so many sunny days and yet, the temperature remains cool. It reminds me of the autumn air during my childhood in Montreal. So, the week has been a mishmatch of activities:

Monday: 30 minutes walking, 40 sit ups

Tuesday: 40 minutes walking, 5 km bicycling, 43 sit ups, 5 min stretching

Wednesday: 12 km bicycle, 20 minutes walking, 36 sit ups

Thursday: 20 minutes walking, 26 sit ups, 5 min stretching

Friday: 45 min walking, 34 sit ups

Saturday: 40 minutes walking

Sunday: still early morning, but a sunny one, so undoubtedly I’ll go out for a walk along the canal.

Hope you all have a fine week ahead.


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Sara – Happy new year! Rosh Hashanah, that is…

Hello, all – no, I am not Jewish but I do celebrate the new year with my friends who graciously include me.  I learned all the prayers when I sang in a temple in Miami.  We’ve had some nice weather here – the main impediment to my exercise has been work – too much paperwork and I am tired of sitting in front of a computer.  This week may be a little better.

Thurs. Sept. 10 – 6321 steps (3866 aerobic).

Fri. Sept. 11 – 4058 steps, none aerobic.

Sat. Sept. 12 – 12529 steps (8901 aerobic) – I made up for lost time!  And I will post a picture here to remember 9/11/01 –

a shrine made by some of the poorest people in our town

a shrine made by some of the poorest people in our town

I took a walk by this trailer court – it was the only remembrance I saw on public view!

Sun. Sept. 13 – 12549 steps (8269 aerobic).

Mon. Sept. 14 – 5908 steps (2932 aerobic).

Tues. Sept. 15 – 7146 steps (3855 aerobic).

Wed. Sept. 16 – 13118 steps (4994 aerobic) – you can tell that this was my day off because I walked!

Thurs. Sept. 17 – 7221 steps (1877 aerobic).

Fri. Sept. 18 – 5666 steps (1777 aerobic).  I was really tired by Friday even though this was a relatively sedentary day.

Here is our Rosh Hashanah dinner table, complete with candles…

9-09 Rosh Hashanah dinner

My NEW New Balance shoes came – they are nice and I tested them on one of the long walks.  No toe issues & they provide better cushioning on balls of the feet than my old faithfuls.   Here they are…

My new shoes!  Zippy little yellow N...

My new shoes! Zippy little yellow N...

I am experimenting with low light manual settings, can you tell?  But there is also some of that nasty pink.  My camera goes away to be fixed next week and I hope it will be as good as new when it returns.

Happy walking and enjoy the fall leaves as they begin to change!  They are changing here…


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Lynn – not much exercise this week

Well, I knew it would be a tough week b/c of a busy schedule but then also had to contend with bad weather.

Monday–Mowed for about 30 minutes and weeded for about an hour–went for a short walk.

Tuesday–nothing–work then immediately to book group meeting

Wednesday–very short (10 minute) walk after work before going to a meeting

Thursday–floor exercises and short walk

Friday–15 minute walk–v. rainy and grey all day–joints feeling achy–just generally sleepy and lacking energy

Saturday–another grey and rainy day–errand running in the morning then lazy afternoon and evening.

Today (Sunday)–milder and sunnier–went to an orchard to pick peaches this morning–short walk to the area where we were picking. Plan to either mow or walk later this afternoon.

By the way–the problem with commenting was something to do w/ Firefox. I was able to access comments when I used either Internet Explorer or Safari.


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Sara – yes, it’s been a whole week…whew

Hello again, everyone – time flies when you have lots of paperwork to do.  Ugh. I’m procrastinating by writing this…

Tues. Sept. 1 – 9128 steps (5166 aerobic)

Wed. Sept. 2 – 6244 steps (2307 aerobic)

Thurs. Sept. 3 – 11129 steps (6060 aerobic)

Fri. Sept. 4 – 5660 steps (3579 aerobic)

Sat. Sept. 5 – 11452 steps (6274 aerobic)

Sun. Sept. 6 – 13582 steps (6172 aerobic)

Mon.  Sept. 7 – 10281 steps (7337 aerobic)

Tues. Sept. 8 – 11682 steps (6763 aerobic)

Wed. Sept. 9 – 12973 steps (9016 aerobic)

Getting back up there in the last few days – trying to walk earlier in the day, and to set a different goal even if it means walking farther.  The boredom factor gets me down, just walking around my block here.

It’s been grey, with moderate temperatures – leaves are not doing much yet – very in-between-y feeling.  I like autumn but it’s not here yet.  My camera is reacting to moisture with funny brown lines and huge pink spots in the viewfinder – makes me think of getting one like Claude’s but I have just adjusted to carrying my AA batteries and am not sure I’d love that battery pack thingie.  Also have rechargers for European AND American current… 😦 that work with the AAs…

I did have some new landscaping done in front of my house – the rhododendron looks scruffy because it’s dropping its autumn leaves, but this photo shows those brown lines…???

New landscaping - sorry about nasty brown lines

New landscaping - sorry about nasty brown lines

You can’t really see the nasty brown lines in the medium photo – but the large one was destroying the whole blog page so I deleted it.

I like to take a Starbucks break on my long walks…and this shows where I would really rather be…

remembering my first time in Paris

remembering my first time in Paris

Happy walking and flaneur-ing, wherever you are!


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Lynn-difficulty commenting

I mentioned at the end of my “official” post that I couldn’t figure out how to  comment on posts that were made last week. I notice in my post there’s a link to “make a comment.” That link does not appear anywhere on Sara, Lia, or Claude’s recent posts, even when I view those posts when I’m signed in. Any suggestions?


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