Add a picture to your profile

To add a picture to your profile,

  • Click Browse
  • when you’ve found the icon you wish to use, click upload
  • Move the arrows to crop the image and click crop

The pic might take quite a bit of time to show so do be patient!

Find this too difficult? Send us a note at including the pic you want to use, and we’ll do it for you!


2 responses to “Add a picture to your profile

  1. bikinjo

    Claude, will locate an avatar and see if I can get it on my blog here.
    My exercise pgm. will start later this week.
    My first post provides my exercise plans. Just need to come up with add’l specifics.
    Meanwhile, I need to:
    Drink more water
    Study Aircycle operation instructions, and how to use Electronics Module
    Determine Pedometer operation (if I can find it) for possible addition of walking
    Establish specific safe warmup exercises (will determine from prev. contact — later this week)
    Healthy food intake to cont. i.e. fruits and veggies

  2. I added the I need to part, to your goal page