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Claude – a rather good week

As promised, posting on Saturday.
Sunday Oct. 5 looked grim and gloomy, a real autumn day with dead leaves flying around, wind and rain. I managed walking to the market 5,100 steps, 35mn aerobics on the Wii, 25mn indoors biking. Quite pleased to go back to indoors biking. The Wii and the bike are good on days when not much else is possible.
Monday Oct. 6 10mn stretching, 5mn abs, 1000 metres swimming, 3598 steps. Pleased with myself for keeping up with the swimming. I find it more tiring than anything else I do though.
Tuesday Oct. 7 one-hour Feldenkrais session, 8,351steps (3,695 aerobic steps)
Wed. Oct. 8 13,000 steps, 30mn + 10mn brisk walking
Thu. Oct. 9 I met a fellow photographer and we went to Père Lachaise Cemetery only walked 8,000 steps, and did 5mn abs in the morning. I wonder if the pedometer didn’t stop counting the steps at one point, although my beloved Omron has never done this before, because my feet and legs felt like I had walked much more. But then, walking and taking photos is a bit like being in a museum.
identical pedometers

My pedometer on the left. Monceau‘s counts miles

Finally yesterday, Friday, Oct. 10, another excellent day with wonderful weather. I had my Friday one-hour stretching session, walked 13,500 steps, and proudly managed 45mn brisk walking.
I am patting myself on the shoulder. 😉



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Tips and tricks: about pedometers

On a site recommended by Sara, Prevention.com, there’s this interesting tip about using pedometers, one that we already practice here at ElderExercise

Easy Ways to Walk Off 10+ Pounds
Find out how you can use a pedometer to your advantage

Smart pedometer wearers burn more than 100 extra calories a day, according to Stanford University research. That’s up to 12 pounds a year! Here’s how they do it:
Set goals: Walkers who aimed for 10,000 steps a day netted 4 times as many steps daily (about 1.15 miles more) as those who didn’t try for a specific number.
Log your steps: Adults who jotted down their tally added an extra 1.25 miles of daily walking, while those who didn’t keep tabs added less than half a mile.
Stay consistent: Regular wear is key to results. Try a device that can be worn with any outfit (…)

Now I think that we, at ElderExercise, keep tabs. Not sure about setting goals.
I set myself goals, like managing three sessions of brisk walking a week, but I don’t decide ahead of time how long I’m going to walk. I stop when I’ve had it.
I do keep tabs and write down my daily efforts on my Google calendar, besides doing it here.
What about you?


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Claude – back to Normandy

I spent the end of last week and the beginning of this week with an old friend who lives in Vierzon and as we had not seen one another for 39 years, if I had had a pedometer on my tongue, it would have broken records 😉
As it is, since Annik lives in a small town, it turns out that we drove everywhere, shopping, visiting etc. and I didn’t walk as much as when I don’t have a car around

I must also admit to lacking courage for abs and stretching these last days, and for indulging with food.
So here goes
August 14 still in Paris), 10 mn stretching, 10,000 steps
Nothing much on August 15, as I drove down to Vierzon
August 16th Bourges Cathedral, 396 steps up, pedometer said 8,000 steps

At the top of the tower

With my friend Annik, at the top of the cathedral tower

August 17 resulted in 4732 steps,
August 18 3,700 steps
August 19, 3,000 steps
August 20, 8,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais session
August 21, back to Bénerville, walked 11,679 steps, (5487 aerobic), thanks Sara, for the aerobic steps discovery
August 22, 8,754 steps (4885 aerobic)
August 23 found me mostly on my couch, only 2,500 steps
And today, August 24, 6,000 steps, in spite of the rainy weather.
As per usual, it’s more difficult for me to find motivation here, but I will try my best.


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Naomi – July 1 – 5, New York City

Weight Seem to have lost another pound but will not celebrate till new scale purchased.

6,589 steps on July 1 result of one train ride, walking with local granddaughter and her parents (even though we drove to their house in another borough of the City).   [Lilalia is right that urban life can be more amenable to walking than suburban.]

Steps goal:  5 to 6, 000 per day. (My daughter thinks 10,000 is better goal; she was family athlete.) Easier when I have somewhere to go, can take the subway.  Need to give more thought to ways to engage my short, goal-directed attention span to walking sans goal.

Exercise One day in Portland while sitting astride a bench at my daughter’s, I bent over, stretched out my arms.  “I like that!”   So I’ve tried to replicate that good sensation back home:

Chair stretches  (1) Bending Two dining chairs facing one another, 14 inches apart,.  Sit in chair One, bend to waist, grab  back posts of Chair Two.  Hold that for 5 counts, sit up straight.  Repeat 5 times.

(2) Arm stretches, straight and elbows bent, 5 times.

Stretching has always been a favorite of mine in exercise programs; I enjoy hanging machine but one always needs someone to help. So  will try to replicate in-house!


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Naomi – June 26, checking in

June 15 left NYC for Portland, Oregon, to visit family.  Dutiful about pedometer use…less so on the food end.  Way more red meat than at home.

Too much time in auto but wonderful time with grandkids.  Trade-offs.  Chocolate not too bad but miss having more control of food intake.  More next week when I return.


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Naomi – June 6 -12

Movement while traveling by car (June 6 – 8) as recorded on pedometer–indicates that it would be important to increase walking about activity (in motel?) during car trips.  Of course it was very hot in Baltimore!

June 6– 4,629 steps

June 7– 4,241 steps (mostly in museums).

Food intake kept moderate during this time, though did share French fries with spouse.  Raised ire of two sister-in-laws by suggesting we leave brunch table for living room after meal…rarely politically correct here.  Record-keeping a bit faulty.

June 9– 5,118 steps even though only wore pedometer from morning to  5 p.m. because changed to skirt!

June 11 — 4,529 steps, this day with a skirt.  Takes getting used to (can’t attach to underpants for  logistical reasons)

June 12 —4,507 steps on another day in car to New Jersey.


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Claude – May 7 to May 13

It’s been a difficult week, in terms of exercise.

On Wednesday May 7th, my pedometer said 17,000 steps, which was more than OK. Tiring though and I was in company, so no fast walking.
Thursday, all I did was drive home. Not a long drive, just some two hours but after that, I didn’t feel like doing anything.
Friday 9th, just went on errands and only walked 9,000 steps. No fast walking or biking

Saturday 10th, was invited to a wedding, so apart from eating, drinking and being merry, all I did was take photos and do a lot of standing around. 🙂 Went to bed at 3 in the morning, which got me exhausted.
The next two days, I felt so tired that I didn’t do much, just what couldn’t be avoided.

Finally yesterday, I had a one-hour Feldenkrais session followed by a walk.
My pedometer said 11,000 steps at the end

But the very satisfactory point is that I have lost 7 kilos since I started my exercise plan and at the wedding I wore an outfit I hadn’t been able to fit in for over two years!

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