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Naomi – May 25 – 28

WALKING  Did much of this through the City on May 25 and 27.  Need a new pedometer.  

    Problem:  The day after!  Think this is the age/energy factor, especially with city walking on pavement.  And so give myself permission not to go to gym.  Hope to change this, but…

TREADMILL  May 28  20 minutes at 3.0.

AB REDUCER  May 28  10 times @ 50#…10 times @ 50#

Chocolate Eating too much of it!





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Claude – May 21 to May 24

In spite of ending up doing more driving than we intended to, I managed walking, even though I haven’t been too faithful to fast walking or fast biking, which is a pity.

May 21st, as I said before, in the morning I had a one-hour stretching session. In the evening, we walked and my pedometer said 7,200 steps. That felt good after the driving and traffic jams!

May 22nd, pedometer said 11,200 steps.
May 23rd was mostly driving back with only 5,000 steps.
May 24th was really good as I resumed fast biking. I spent 30 mn on my bike and my pedometer at the end of the day said 10,800 steps

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Naomi– May 23


10 minutes at 2.5/0.5 grade; 20 mins. at 3.0/0.5

Ab reducer

inner, 5 times @ 50#

outer, 7 times @ 50#



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Naomi – May 21 response to Claude…

claude, wait!

not on going to normandy but on giving up on elderexercise. your disappointment is very understandable.

because it’s here, i think about it every day. does that get me moving? no…and i’ve been troubled about what really would make that happen.

would i need to get a doctor message similar to yours? perhaps. but i will try to explain how receiving your message this morning was particularly useful.

i’ve been climbing subway stairs quite a bit in the past week. tell myself that’s pretty good exercise…but not enough, a voice in my head scolds. instead of answering your message immediately, decided to wait until i’d gone to the gym and pushed self along.

finally i did it. stayed on the treadmill for 30 minutes (during which time discovered that the “n.y. review of books” is the ideal reading for that–glasses on, glasses off.
next was my first ab-reduction use by myself. not so hard to begin.

so there you are. i had the intention but used your nudge to get on with it. not proud of this but think it’s central to reluctance-to-exercise as a conscious activity that have had all my life.

change is hard…no promises just that i will see how it goes. and thank you. -naomi

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Claude – Monday May 19th to Wednesday May 21st

Pedometer said 15,500 steps, no fast walking though, on Monday
Only 5,500 steps on Tuesday, but had a one-hour Feldenkrais session.
Wednesday morning, had a one-hour stretching session that did me a world of good.
Am leaving for Normandy, so the rest of today will basically be dedicated to driving and dinner 😉

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Claude, wondering… Anybody there?

I have the feeling I am all alone here. No one even visits, much less comments or posts.
Well, I am basically doing this for myself so never mind.

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Claude – May 14th to May 18th

I find it difficult to do a lot fast walking or biking when it’s really hot.

  • This was the case with May 14th. Was glad to have managed 8,500 steps + 20 mn fast biking. I turned on my fan and thought summer might prove more difficult than winter.
  • May 15th, pedometer said 6,500 steps, better than nothing.
  • May 16th, pedometer said 12,000 steps, which was better.
  • May 17th, pedometer said, 6,500 steps, I had a 2hour
  • Feldenkrais workshop and fast biked for 30mn.
  • May 18th, I went to a protest march across Paris, and my pedometer said 15,400 steps. Those marches are healthy. Slow, though 😉
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