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Claude – a rather good week

although I’m sure Sara and myself would enjoy some company, but I guess that if you ladies have given up, there’s not much we can do about it, except saying we are sorry!
As I find that my walking is a life saver, particularly during these difficult two and a half months, I’m grateful to Sara for being here.

Last week was more tolerable, schedulewise. After Monday and Tuesday when we finished respectively at 10p.m. and 10p.m. and I felt I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with such crazy hours, Wednesday came and we were treated to three normal days when we got out before 6p.m. Mind you, those days felt like a holiday! I even went to the movies!
‘nugh talking!
Here are my steps for the week from Saturday, May 23 to Friday, May 29

Saturday, May 23: 10 mn stretching, no walking. I did feel the stretching was necessary, with such long hours of sitting, my back hurt like hell!
Sunday, May 24: 5,000 steps. Needed to rest some more
Monday, May 25: 11,000 steps, 15 mn brisk walking
Tuesday, May 26: 7,500 steps, 30 mn brisk walking, (it was pouring at lunch time, so no walking)

Having a cup of coffee at the bar

Had a cup of coffee there

Wednesday, May 27: 11,000 steps, 15 minutes brisk walking, 10mn stretching,
Thursday, May 28: 13,344steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching
Friday, May 29: 14,104steps, 25mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching,



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Sara – Great weather, keeping moving!

Hello, everyone – except, where is everyone???   Yoo hoo, are you there?  Good weather does pull me away from the computer, I find…

But also makes me want to WALK!   Second week in a row that I have hit my target 6000 steps every day & exceeded it quite a bit also.  My legs do feel these marathon days – I’ll compensate today for the last two really active days & take it a bit easier.  

Mon. May 18 – 6570 steps (2636 aerobic), 2.69 mi.

Tues. May 19 – 12133 steps (4301 aerobic), 4.97 mi.

Wed. May 20 – 9970 steps (2564 aerobic), 4.09 mi.

Thurs. May 21 – 7721 steps (2445 aerobic), 3.16 mi.

Fri. May 22 – 7465 steps (2951 aerobic), 3.06 mi.

Sat. May 23 – 15600 steps (7415 aerobic), 6.40 – again I got into this before realizing – washed my car at the carwash & cleaned it out, so was at 4500 steps before I decided to walk to Kohl’s (department store, past Wegman’s) to use a coupon.  By the time I got home from this marathon, I was REALLY beat!  But it was worth it, the coupon was for $10 off!  🙂

Sun. May 24 – 8972 steps (3762 aerobic), 3.68 mi.  The aerobic steps involved my two hills – down one, up the other, then around the looooong block where I live.  I got pictures last week but have not downloaded to computer yet – will post them later!  

Happy walking/biking/gardening/photographing/wiggling or whatever it is that you are all doing!  May the weather continue to be wonderful…


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Claude – walking and trying to get some rest

Had a long weekend this week, four days in a row and probably the last short week till July 10th. Which means I only “worked” three long days, getting home at 11pm twice.
What I find particularly difficult is having no schedule. When I worked, I knew what time I started and what time I stopped. These days I have no control over anything, including the times when I need to go to the toilet.
Quite an interesting experience to go through though, as I get to test my patience and my endurance, and find that I am more adaptable than I thought, notwithstanding a pervading backache due to sitting for hours on end.

Here’s my week from Saturday May 16 to Friday May 22

The Eiffel Tower seen from Pont-Neuf

Sharing a photo taken during on of my lunchtime walks

Saturday: 9,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson
Sunday: 7,000 steps
Monday: 11,000 steps, 15mn brisk walking
Tuesday: 11,000 steps, 15 mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching exercise
Wednesday: 10,000 steps, 10 mn stretching
Thursday: 10mn stretching, no walking, lots of napping
Friday: 10,000 steps, 35mn brisk walking

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Sara – doing pretty well!

Hi, everyone, hope your weeks have been good!  We’re beginning to have good gardening days here & I worked a bit too hard on Mickey’s front garden last week, but I’m fine now.  Noticed I had more stamina which I credit to the consistent walking since last June in France!  

Steps, et cetera –

Mon. May 11 – 5658 steps, 2.32 miles – book sale day, pigged out on a pulled pork sandwich (or sammich, as the slang has it).  Nearly completed my Dorothy Gilman collection!  🙂

Tues. May 12 – 10360 steps (5591 aerobic), 4.25 miles – gym

Wed. May 13 – 12189 steps (5376 aerobic), 5 miles – walked to Wegman’s, gardened

Thurs. May 14 – 5873 steps (1813 aerobic), 2.41 miles – just walked around my usual boring circuit

Fri. May 15 – 16133 steps (4114 aerobic), 6.62 miles – YIKES, you are all saying!  Well, I got into it before I realized, went to the gym, then pulled weeds in Mickey’s garden, then realized, oops, I have contradancing tonight!  I was very happy that I danced all but two dances & those I missed because of tired legs, not tired lungs…

Sat. May 16 – 7012 steps (2051 aerobic), 2.87 miles (more weeds, plus the usual boring circuit)  Calories 184

Sun. May 17 – 6242 steps (2436 aerobic), 2.56 miles.  Calories 187

I included calorie counts on those last two, since it shows so clearly the caloric effect of aerobic steps.  Fewer total steps, but more (& more energetic!) aerobic steps DOES make a difference in calorie burning, for those of us who care about that.  

OK, I have promised a photo of at least one of my big hills – the picturesque one — 


going down my hill in mid-April

going down my hill in mid-April

I know I have some pictures here of going UP this hill but guess what, I have procrastinated on organizing them & can’t find right now!  One of those many projects that await me…

Have a lovely week, all!  xo from Sara

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Claude – keeping on walking

One of the things that never ceases to surprise me is that, as members of a jury, we spend hours on end sitting. And whenever there is a suspension, people will just collapse in chairs for the break duration! I just can’t do that any more.
I try to stand and move as much as possible.
Also, I seem to be coping better with being tired than last week. But I will definitely enjoy retirement even more than before when all this is over 😀
Anyway, it seems that walking has become a necessity.
If you are wondering how I manage 10mn brisk walking, it’s only in the morning, as I am always slightly late… blushing…

Here’s for the week from May 8th to May 15th

Saturday: 6,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Sunday: lots of naps and resting
Monday: 10,150 steps, 10mn+ 20mn brisk walking
Tuesday: 11,200 steps, 5 mn stretching, 10mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 12,175 steps, 5mn stretching, 10mn brisk walking
Thursday: 10,500 steps, 5mn stretching, 10mn brisk walking
Friday: 8,500 steps

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Naomi – Poking along in May…

Realizing I’ve been an “unreliable” communicator here, I think you need to know that’s how I’ll be for the forseeable future.  We seem to have a buyer for our apartment.  My days are filled with uncertainty, showing the apartment, wondering.  At the same time, it has been a challenge to my creativity and I’ve enjoyed that very much.

If the current deal comes through, then we will move this summer.  Awesome to contemplate yet wonderful.  Here’s what I have on recorded activity of late.

May 3… 2,211

May 4…6,930

May 5… 3,3551

May 6… 7,049

May 7… 3,793 and 1,002 Aerobic

May 8… 2,269 and 1506 Aerobic

May 9… 3,246

May 10… 3,887

May 11… 3,896

My shoulder seems less painful which I credit to physical therapy and recently begun accupuncture.  Celebrex dropped due to side effects–sleep disruption for one which I can do very well without medication.  

Continue to eat too much sweet stuff but weight not going up–yet!


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Sara- Saraland a more consistent place, also less fast-food-ish…

Good morning, happy  Monday!  A busy week looms ahead with rehearsal tonight but I have some time for me today, which I plan to spend at our annual used-book-sale put on by AAUW.  Who knows what I will find…

Tuesday May 5 – 4331 steps (3318 aerobic), 1.77 miles

Wed. May 6 – 7551 steps (3533 aerobic), 3.09 miles

Thurs. May 7 – 9195 steps (6066 aerobic), 3.77 miles

Fri. May 8 – 8307 steps (3837 aerobic), 3.40 miles

Sat. May 9 – 8992 steps (2779 aerobic), 3.68 miles

Sun. May 10 – 8139 steps (2139 aerobic), 3.33 miles

OK, foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of small minds (or however that proverb goes!)  but I think I am doing better NOT aiming for 10,000 or more.  That seems to wear me out…and the range I have hit this week feels sustainable.  Also I am doing better on my little hills!  Will put a photo of my hills in here at some point but no time now, off to book sale with my neighbor Mickey!  

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day, if that was celebrated in your country yesterday!  (or even if not…just a lovely day in general!)

Thanks for all your encouraging comments, calming my tendency to be hard on myself!  🙂  Have a great week!


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