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Claude – insoles fixed so rather a good week

There definitely was something hurting my left foot in my insole and a visit to the podologist helped a lot. He fixed it.
Isn’t it amazing how a few milimiters here or there can just hurt your feet?
So after that visit, things went more smoothly.

Around Pushkar

Just wish I could sit like that, can you believe her posture?
Here’s my week from November 23rd to November 29th
Monday: 6,500 steps, 15mn aerobic walk, 10mn stretching
Tuesday: one-hour stretching lesson, feet hurt too much to go for a walk. At least I get my stretching exercise twice a week.
Wednesday: was not an exercise day. Just stayed at home and rested.
Thursday: visited the podologist and 12,600 steps, 10mn stretching, 20mn aerobic walking
Friday: One-hour stretching lesson, 6,512 steps
Saturday: 15mn aerobic walking, 6,205 steps
Sunday: 10mn stretching, 30mn + 15mn aerobic walking, 10,125 steps

I’m rather pleased with the almost daily ten minutes’ stretching I try to put in and on the aerobic walking (four times this week)



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Sara – Thanksgiving – and change…

Well, tomorrow is the big day – I will go to have dinner with my friend Mickey at her son’s house.  This is the first year in a long time that I have not made the drive south to Virginia to see friends and my cousin Peggy.  Peggy is not well & her children are trying to persuade her to go to an assisted living place.  My presence would only complicate matters.  A view of the future – when Peggy is gone, I will be the oldest of all the cousins.  HM.  It is hard not to notice this and reflect upon it.  Although I am good at changing the subject!

Sooooo to the step/exercise record!   First I will add something to cheer and amuse you!

PuffyNuts and I are on the same page!  My energy has been nowhere for the last few days.  I did have one good energetic day last Saturday and I hope to either get to the gym today or do a long walk.  I have been managing to cook some veggies and eat a bit less, after polishing off a whole box of Cheez-Its last week…

Wed. Nov. 18 – 9886 (3923)

Thurs. Nov. 19 – 5610 (1896) – plus did 15 min. on elliptical at the gym

Fri. Nov. 20 – 2642 (0)

Sat. Nov. 21 – 10569 (5989) – gym, treadmill & elliptical (30 min.)  plus abs & weights, floor stretching.

Sun.  Nov. 22 – 6135 (0) – many of these steps were due to 45 min. of running about at church, organizing the teens to change the missalettes

Mon. Nov. 23 – 6006 (1889)

Tues. Nov. 24 – 2238 (0).  Taught a voice lesson, planned 2 funerals for Saturday, prepared for Nov. 28/29 masses…

Hurrah,  a new day!  I’ve posted “OUT for Thanksgiving” on my google calendar.  I’m not answering my cellphone.  I’m giving thanks as of now for my aging body and brain, such as they are!   I did have a funny compliment last week from someone who didn’t believe that I weigh 150 lbs. – he said “you must be PACKED!”  I think that I must be accomplishing something here!   Happy Thanksgiving to all and happy mercredi/jeudi/vendredi to those in countries with HAPPY turkeys!


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Claude – so so

Week from Sunday November 16th to November 22nd
Not such a good week. I guess I overdid the aerobic walking, especially after weeks of mainly sitting in a coach. I developped a cramp under my left foot which doesn’t make it easy to do much walking. Podologist said I should take some rest, until the cramp subsides and if it doesn’t, I should check out with the guy who made my insoles and see if they don’t have to be corrected. I might have to resort to indoors exercise, like biking…

Around the Great Library

I only picked my camera for a walk last Saturday

Here’s my report
Monday: 15mn + 25mn aerobic walking, 10,000steps, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson
Tuesday: One-hour stretching class, 6,000steps
Wednesday: 8,125steps, 26mn aerobic walking
Thursday: 10mn stretching and a lot of couch potatoeing
Friday; One-jour stretching class, 20mn aerobic walking, 7,013 steps
Saturday: 10 mn stretching, 9,985steps
Sunday: 5,120 steps


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Lia – Good Week

It’s been a good week…

Sunday: 40 minute walk

Monday: 45 minute walk, 75 sit ups

Tuesday: 30 minute walk, 60 sit ups

Wednesday: 20 minute walk

Thursday: 20 minute walk, 1 hour jazz class

Friday: 20 minute walk, 75 sit ups

Saturday: 20 minute walk, 3 hour Salsa class

As a warning, this week is going to be more quiet, since the workload is big.


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Lynn–fun, busy week but little exercise

Well, the head line sums it up. I had a very social week with dinner engagements after work 3 nights. And work was quite busy as well with a deadline looming and a couple of lunch meetings. However, I did record my less than stellar exercise results on a calendar so I have a record of what I did not do!

Sunday 11/15–had that head cold and napped rather than exercising
Monday–worked at home and went for 1/2 hour walk mid-day
Tuesday–short (10 min) walk mid-day
Wednesday–short, slow preoccupied walk mid-day–had planned a longer walk at noon but had a last minute lunch meeting scheduled
Thursday & Friday–nothing
Saturday–friends visiting, long walk in the woods at slow to moderate pace (we were too busy talking to pick up the pace)
Sunday 11/22–1/2 hour walk, moderate pace but some hills

I need to leave soon but will return later to read new posts and comment.


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Naomi-Reappearing Nov 22, 2009

Have I lost my edge in the ElderExercise world because I’m having too much fun?  Maybe.  It’s also the ongoing changes–moving, more time with extended family, a new place to explore, and–this is a hard bump to overcome–too much time in the car.   Don’t miss all those NYC subway stairs but they did work for exercise plus the walking to and from.

Stopped carrying pedometer because it was clear 5,000 steps/day were not happening.  So why beat myself up?  However, I am moving on in a different way.  As my waistline has spread noticeably in last 2 1/2 months, I feel the pressure of doing more while I can still make a difference in readjusting the body.

Since mid-October, I’ve had six sessions with the resident trainer; we work on stretching and balance exercise.  Each time I end with 10 minutes or so on the Treadmill at 3.9 and a bit of incline.  When I finish this, it’s off to do some more.  There’s another machine there (will take a picture) that is used standing to work on stamina, I think.  Makes me huff ‘n puff after five minutes.

Friday, the 13th, took a long walk with a woman I’ve met who likes the idea of regular walking partners.  We did about 7,000 steps together from our place on the hill to the waterfront.  By the end of the day had done 11,000!  Decided that I’d carry pedometer when I know that there’s the possibility of distance travel on foot.  Still hope to use mass transit more.

Tomorrow I stick my toe in the warm pool here for “Gentle Aquatics Class.”  How many years has it been since I pulled on a bathing suit, even more years since connecting with that dreadful chlorine.  But am holding my nose, so to speak, and joining the other ladies here to partake.

New physician has put me and spouse on a 12 week Vitamin D regimen–50,000 mg/once a week, then 400 mg after that.  Seems to work and a big change from nothing!  But we are in cloudy land in Portland, so it’s particularly important.

And so it goes.  No promises about future posting other than I will try to appear more frequently.  And I always talk about the site and make the case for collaborative exercise support.  Thanks to Claude and all of you who hang in there.




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Sara – plugging away!

Hi, everyone – it’s been an uphill struggle this week – too many funerals, too much planning/paperwork.  Both are draining.  I’m adding a link to my Posterous blog which features an inspiring 103-year-old lady – hope you can access it.  I hope I can still create if I live this long!

A portrait of Eva Zeisel’s life and current work as she turns 102 years old. By Jeremy Bales

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And now for the steps:

Wed. Nov. 11 – 2002 (0 aerobic).  A very blah day.  I forget why, even!

Thurs. Nov. 12 – 4949 (1976).

Fri. Nov. 13 – 11303 (0 aerobic).  I took a LOT of photos on this walk!

Sat. Nov. 14 – 10778 (6174).  YES!

Sun. Nov. 15 – 5576 (1890)

Mon. Nov. 16 – 6809 (0).

Tues. Nov. 17 – 8148 (6112) – kids played musical chairs at the end of rehearsal – fun!

I did make it to the gym twice this week – that accounts for some of the aerobic steps.  It always feels good when I do the elliptical and then do my stretching/abs/weights things afterward – but I’m out of the habit!  Hoping to build the habit into my routine somehow – at least a couple days a week.

Looking forward to continuing here – and I’ll set Wednesday as my posting day – looks like that will work fairly well.

Happy exercising!  And I am SO looking forward to next week, with NO rehearsals to conduct…I’m dancing!


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