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Posting about your progress

or your regress 😉
Like in an ordinary blog, when you post, everyone can see your post and only the people who are members of the blog will be able to comment. When someone comments on your post, you will receive notice.
I receive notice in my mailbox when you comment on my posts, and Julie gets notice when I comment on her posts.
If you comment on your page, only you will receive notice, and past the first visit to the blog, when people want to know who is who, that’s a place where you don’t go back.
If I go back to my page, it will be to modify something.
In other words if you add comments to your own ‘about’ page, the one that’s under Who We Are, the other blog members will never know about it.
Hope this is clear. If not, feel free to ask more questions.
I see the posts, be they daily or biweekly or weekly as a report on self progress.
If I don’t progress, well, I’ll do better next week 😉
And if there’s a week or a day when I go in the wrong direction, I expect my fellow members to encourage me. Anyway in the long run, we are trying our best!
And don’t be too shy, past the first interest provoked by our posts on our blogs, not many visitors do visit, and they are mostly looking for ways of getting help, not to make fun of us.

Please don’t be shy of wordpress. It’s pretty much like any other blogging system.


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