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Claude – Wednesday, March 5th

Yesterday was a day off. I enjoy having a day at home doing nothing, about once a week.
I realise it is a luxury that not everyone can have, so I enjoy it even all the more. 😉
I just went to my Feldenkrais class. It always does me a lot of good.
Except for walking there and back, practically no walking.

I managed 1 litre 1/2 water and food intake was OK
I try not to focus too much on that as it has a tendency to drive me crazy.

Today was quite different.
My pedometer said exactly 16,000 steps, which made me very pleased.
Fast walking at 120-125heartbeats a minute was good too: 30 mn, quite pleasant today.
As I am leaving tomorrow for a small week in London, I will definitely be doing a lot of walking.
I am taking my pedometer and my heart monitor along, but I am not sure about the second item.
Maybe I’ll use it and maybe I won’t. 😉
I’ll certainly manage a couple of posts from there.


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