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Sara – Exercise – good! Food – better!

I’m back home after a lovely week — got in quite a bit of exercise — but ate enough to gain weight!  But again it was worth it.  I will have the firmest fat in town…  so here goes the exercise and food report…  🙂

Mon. Nov. 24 – drove to Maryland, managed 7010 steps, due to shopping and running around up and down stairs before leaving. 

Tues. Nov. 25 – 6697 steps, walking around Fells Point in Baltimore — balanced out by breakfast with crepes, lunch of oyster stew and mussels, and dinner of pizza, after handing out turkeys at my friend’s parish in Cheverly, MD. 

Wed. Nov. 26 – 11,542 steps (6907 aerobic) — took a long walk — then lunch at Beijing and dinner at Cheesecake Factory…oh well…

Thurs. Nov. 27 – 7491 steps (6304 aerobic) – the BIG DAY with my cousins in VA  — I was not very restrained — two rolls with country ham (mmmmmmm….) plus all the other things including a small amount of two desserts — but then I made myself go out and walk until I could feel my stomach again — know that feeling?

Fri. Nov. 28 – 5399 steps (3385 aerobic) – again did some intentional walking before driving back to MD from VA.  Tried to cut back foodwise…

Sat. Nov. 29 – drove back to PA from MD – 9465 steps (3738 aerobic) – went for a walk just after I arrived here. 

And today has been a busy day at work all morning, BUT I forgot my pedometer!  So today will have to be a NOTHING day even though it wasn’t really.  I am very happy that I managed to keep walking even though i also kept eating.  Today I weighed…oh, I’m not going to confess!  Let’s just say I am working on it.  Yes I can!  But all that food was so fun.  Wish I could have shared my turkey, Claude!



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Claude – a week with ups and downs!

On the up side, I managed 3 days with brisk walking, on the down side, I also managed three days with no walking whatsoever! 😦

Sun Nov. 23 , I didn’t even get out! I just felt like doing nothing, and this is exactly what I did. NOTHING!
Mon. Nov. 24, I was ready for a little action, I walked 15,000 steps, including 50 mn brisk walking,
Tue. Nov. 25, 50mn brisk walking, 9,900 steps, one-hour feldenkrais session
Wed. Nov. 26, 10,800 steps, (4,200 aerobic)
Thu. Nov. 27, had to go to Normandy for the day, and in spite of taking the train there, managed 10,359 steps 30mn brisk walking
Fri. Nov. 28, I felt totally exhausted and didn’t have my weekly stretching session. Was stuck at home in the afternoon, waiting for the TV repairman.
Sat. Nov. 29, I didn’t feel so well and stayed at home. Winter tends to do this to me.
I will have to get myself together and get out tomorrow.


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Holly – November 16 to 29

Greetings everyone and happy holidays. Wow. All of a sudden it’s almost the end of the year… I really can’t believe it’s going to be December in a few days. It looks like I lost a week of step counting between the 16th and the 23rd. I’m going to have to schedule this update on my calendar weekly. I love Google Calendar by the way. It’s kept me very organized, when I do put things on it.

Nov. 22 Sat – yoga. apparently forgot to carry pedometer with me that day.
Nov 23 Sun – no step count. forgot to carry pedometer that day.
Nov 24 Mon – 3,475 steps
Nov 25 Tues – 1,734 steps
Nov 26 Wed – no step count, forgot pedometer that day. yoga at night.
Nov 27 Thurs – 2,116 steps
Nov 28 Fri – 3,331 steps

Went to a friend’s in NJ for Thanksgiving, big family scene, beautiful, young children running around. Really great. Did not overeat (hurray!). Had a wonderful time. Been truly relaxing these past few days, taking a LONG weekend in every sense of the word. What a great year it’s been; three vacations! That’s for all the years I didn’t go away!

Money’s a little tight right now but I am determined to stay calm and focused. I’m working on several very interesting jobs. I may have posted this before but I do archival research for documentary films (among other things, but that’s my main money-making activity). Right now I am working on an educational DVD about Zora Neale Hurston. Also! a film about Barack Obama that will be a DVD release in early Feb. Start next week on a couple new projects also. I usually have three or four or five things going at the same time.

Clearly I also need to step up the exercise routine. I’ve been remiss in that. Trying not to be too hard on myself about it but stern at the same time.


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Naomi – Nov. 15 – 23, Thoughts on Change

In my struggle with two technical issues–new computer and blog service changes–several thoughts have occurred to me.  One is in the category of “you never know.”  Having met the challenge of success with regular exercise  in my 75th year, my expectations were raised about other possibilities.  As I put pedometer in pocket an important bit of structure is added to my very freeform life.

A digression:  Going to school, going  to work had been important for a person a bit ADD (attention deficit disorder), creative, easily distracted.  Taking care of young childrens’ regular needs kept me to a certain schedule in my thirties.  Back to school at 40, then what?  By default rather than design, I began a private practice.  The schedule of my clients formed the days–along with family needs.  We lived in a three-story house: stairs were exercise.

Retiring to New York City from Baltimore, I had to develop projects to keep busy.  But there was not enough regular physical activity.  Noticed it in my clothes, realized it was an aging issue.  That’s the reason it has been important to have the structure of ElderExercise.  My Thanksgiving “thanks” goes to her and all of you who have agreed to participate.  Accompanied by major change in diet–more veggies, less meat.

My frustration:  why not similar shift to in-home daily exercise.  Still working on this but miles to go.

Nov. 15 – 5,025 steps, 1,795 aerobic (most of day at Marg. Meade Film Festival…puzzling)

Nov. 16. – 3,364 steps (driving to Washington and back to see relative in hospital)

Nov. 17 – 2,350 steps

Nov. 18 – 6,296 steps

Nov. 19 – 3,798 steps, 1,054 aerobic…30 minutes stretch exercises

Nov. 20 – 8,390 steps (one other from Walking Group, very cold day)

Nov. 21 -5,018 steps, 1,750 aerobic

Nov. 22 – 2,390 steps…Nov. 23 – 1,750 steps

When it turns cold, walking outdoors is more of a challenge.  Now the challenge of Turkey Day…Best wishes to all of you whatever you’re doing.


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Sara – off for Thanksgiving vacance

Bonjour, everyone, I’m writing hastily before leaving to visit friends and relatives for the week.  We had snow and a bit of ice this week so I was quite grateful for the gym!

Mon. Nov. 17 – 4476 steps, 10 mn. floor exercises

Tues. Nov. 18 – 10494 steps (6873 aerobic) – 40 mn. treadmill (4 interval reps), 12 mn. elliptical.

Wed. Nov. 19 – 3994 steps, 100 cardioglide reps.  AND a big dinner with wine!

Thurs. Nov. 20 – 4430 steps – a very busy work day.

Fri. Nov. 21 – 4599 steps, 100 cardio reps.  Pretty tired actually.  Stayed up late drinking more wine with a friend.

Sat. Nov. 22 – 11014 steps (4805 aerobic), 15 mn. treadmill, 25 mn. elliptical.

Sun. Nov. 23 – 7410 steps just doing my work — a MAJOR pigout in the afternoon but hey, it was our big Centennial dinner and I even had dessert!  Tomorrow I will be good.  Driving will keep me away from temptation…I’m taking Mr. Omron along for the ride!  Happy holidays, everyone!


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Sandy Nov 17th-23rd

A mixed week as on Thursday I managed to fall off the arm of a chair.

No, I hadn’t been on the booze, I was perched on my son’s armchair while we tried to figure out how to get his DVD player to work. Not thinking, he got up and the chair tipped over. I fell in an ungainly heap on the floor. Getting up was a bit of a performance but no serious damage was done. I did feel a bit ‘fragile’ as far as my left wrist and ankle were concerned but a few doses of arnica and ruta sorted that out. However, it did have an effect on my step count and the bike was abandoned as it was hurting a bit anyway.

Monday  4457 steps

Tuesday 4970 steps and 2 minutes bike

Wednesday 3442 and 3 minutes bike

Thursday 1935 steps

Friday 3807 steps

Saturday 3641 steps

Sunday  did most of my chores and running around while still in my dressing gown – so no pedometer. (Pretty lazy afternoon anyway).

Next week is full of appointments so I’ll be spending a fair bit of time sitting around in waiting rooms. I’ll try to make up for that by doing some bike but can’t promise. . . . . .


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Claude – great week in spite of weather

Sunday Nov. 16, 2-hour Feldenkrais workshop, 3,000 steps
Mon. Nov. 17, 12,600 steps (5,300 aerobic) 5mn abs
Tues. Nov. 18, 15,824 steps, 39mn brisk walking
Wed. Nov. 19, 16,000 steps (8,800 aerobic)
Thu. Nov. 20, 12,000 steps, 5mn abs,
Fri. Nov. 21, One hour stretching exercise, 5,500 steps
Sat. Nov. 15, 8,500 steps which I took at Cimetière Montmartre with one of my flickr friends.

man with a pipeUncanny and spooky, man with a pipe

Hope you are not totally spooked by this photo. It is just so bizarre that I wanted to share it. It’s the grave of some doctor! A pipe smoker obviously…

I’m quite pleased with myself as I did quite a bit of walking in spite of general lousy weather.
Not enough brisk walking but I did do abs twice…


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