Naomi – Nov. 15 – 23, Thoughts on Change

In my struggle with two technical issues–new computer and blog service changes–several thoughts have occurred to me.  One is in the category of “you never know.”  Having met the challenge of success with regular exercise  in my 75th year, my expectations were raised about other possibilities.  As I put pedometer in pocket an important bit of structure is added to my very freeform life.

A digression:  Going to school, going  to work had been important for a person a bit ADD (attention deficit disorder), creative, easily distracted.  Taking care of young childrens’ regular needs kept me to a certain schedule in my thirties.  Back to school at 40, then what?  By default rather than design, I began a private practice.  The schedule of my clients formed the days–along with family needs.  We lived in a three-story house: stairs were exercise.

Retiring to New York City from Baltimore, I had to develop projects to keep busy.  But there was not enough regular physical activity.  Noticed it in my clothes, realized it was an aging issue.  That’s the reason it has been important to have the structure of ElderExercise.  My Thanksgiving “thanks” goes to her and all of you who have agreed to participate.  Accompanied by major change in diet–more veggies, less meat.

My frustration:  why not similar shift to in-home daily exercise.  Still working on this but miles to go.

Nov. 15 – 5,025 steps, 1,795 aerobic (most of day at Marg. Meade Film Festival…puzzling)

Nov. 16. – 3,364 steps (driving to Washington and back to see relative in hospital)

Nov. 17 – 2,350 steps

Nov. 18 – 6,296 steps

Nov. 19 – 3,798 steps, 1,054 aerobic…30 minutes stretch exercises

Nov. 20 – 8,390 steps (one other from Walking Group, very cold day)

Nov. 21 -5,018 steps, 1,750 aerobic

Nov. 22 – 2,390 steps…Nov. 23 – 1,750 steps

When it turns cold, walking outdoors is more of a challenge.  Now the challenge of Turkey Day…Best wishes to all of you whatever you’re doing.



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3 responses to “Naomi – Nov. 15 – 23, Thoughts on Change

  1. Naomi, just considering getting exercise into your daily life at 75 seems to me incredible. Especially when I remember my mother and my grandmother.
    You’re our role model here.
    Hurrah for stretch exercises, hurrah for the Walking group and your 8,300 and some steps and hurrah for wearing your pedometer.
    I see four days above 5,000 and one with 3,798 has 30 mn stretching, so you’re doing great!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Not celebrated in France 😦 I so love turkey!

  2. sablonneuse

    Hope your Thanksgiving went well. Did you have pumpkin pie?
    The big problem with cold weather is that it makes me hungry so sticking to healthy eating is much harder!

  3. Sara

    Good job, Naomi — you know, I had no idea you were 75, you do not appear or sound to be that age. I can empathize with your change in occupation and need to find a way to be active — my weight gain began when I switched from being a voice teacher to being a music director. Teaching voice required much more movement from me all day long. Now I have more computer jobs that need done, and the musical work is not continuous throughout the day.
    I have had to add more veggies and eschew the meat also. Now I’ll post and give the latest on my struggle with the scale… 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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