Sara – rather inconsistent…

Hello, all — this week was more in my old pattern, off and on — but thanks to elderexercise, there are 4 “on” days and only 3 off, and thanks to Mr. Omron, I know what’s happening!  Weight fairly steady…

Mon. Nov 10 – 3601 steps; 170 cardio reps.

Tues. Nov. 11 – 10,272 steps (5192 aerobic).  Wore myself out on new elliptical machine in 3 minutes and was exhausted for 2 days!  (20 min. treadmill, 22 regular elliptical)

Wed. Nov. 12 – 3514 steps, 200 cardio reps.

Thurs. Nov. 13 – 5259 steps, 100 cardio.

Fri. Nov. 14 – 10,357 steps, 6038 aerobic (walked to Wegman’s).

Sat. Nov. 15 – 11,975 steps, 6490 aerobic.  I think this might be my top step count ever!  AND a gym adventure.  I decided to do intervals on the treadmill, as recommended by Prevention.  3 min. warmup, 7 min. brisk speed, THEN 2 min. running and 3 min. brisk, alternating these two — well, THEIR goal was to reach the 35 minute mark and then a cooldown.  I managed 4 sets of this alternation before returning to regular walk and cooldown.   I have added short spurts of running to my outdoor walks before, but never two minutes of it.  The second minute was really hard; by the 4th repetition, it was a touch easier.  First time I have ever tried this in a disciplined way. 

Sun. Nov. 16 – 9209 steps, 5664 aerobic.  Yes I did get back to the gym but did more on the elliptical this time.  Only 2 reps of the run/walk routine since my leg muscles said “hello?” and I could hear you all saying, you’re doing great, don’t push too hard! 

This will be a heavy work week, we have our big centennial celebration this Sunday, and the weather is going to be in the 30s all week with snow showers.  Hasta la vista, everyone, and happy walking!



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7 responses to “Sara – rather inconsistent…

  1. sablonneuse

    Good heavens Sara, that Saturday workout sounds TOUGH! However, I’m sure it will become easier if you can bear to do it more often . . . .
    Good luck!

  2. Not inconsistent at all! If this is inconsistent, then we should all give up! Bravo for the experiment in the gym adventure! This week has been quite a good job. Keep it up.

  3. Sara

    @ Sandy — I’m going to shoot for once a week for starters.
    @ Claude – thanks…OK, not inconsistent…not sure if I can keep it up though! I’m having another couch afternoon right now… 🙂 and reading a book about France called Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong — I wonder what you would think of this book!

  4. Sara, no point wondering if you can keep it up. The important part here is to put one step after another, like in walking.
    Everyone is entitled to a day of doing nothing once in a while… 😉

  5. naomidagenbloom

    Sara, very impressed here in the Big Apple with the variety of your exercises.

    Once again you’ve shared useful material from Prevention magazine. I copied down their regime, even though “running” is only practiced here to catch a bus. But the rest is doable–and a possibility as the weather drives me indoors more.

  6. @Naomi, may I give you a piece of advice? I will, whether you allow me or not! 😀
    One should never run to catch a bus or anything else. There will always be another bus, and being late is not a tragedy. The last time I ran for a bus, I was still working and tired and wanted to get home as fast as possible. There was this lady with her basset hound on a leash that I didn’t see, I tripped, fell down, broke one tooth and opened my chin. Had to go to hospital to get suture and lost A LOT of time.
    From then on, either I start on time or I arrive late. No running!

  7. Sara

    Good advice, Claude, and what a story! Thanks for reminding me that it’s about keeping on keeping on… 🙂

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