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Naomi – June 13 Goals reviewed

What was on my mind back on March One at the start to think I could lose 10 pounds by June One?  Dreams!

Weight loss – maybe one pound.  Need a new, better, smaller scale that goes in bathroom, not under the bed.  More realistic goal: One more pound by 75th birthday, early August.

Treadmill – where has that three times a week gone?  Have not done at all since end of May.  Can I focus on two things at once–pedometer + treadmill, is this for me like patting one’s head and rubbing stomach at same time?  Question still out there and will re-focus.

Food intake – Cannot recall last red meat.  Of course I think about it!  But this is most successful area.  Noshing on nuts and dates still an issue and chocolate continues as presence in everyday life.  Though there was one time….



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