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Claude – Sunday, March 16

A rather satisfying day.

Pedometer: 8, 700 steps

Biking indoors: managed 30 mn, not much warming up though, but did some stretching movements afterwards, so I guess this can be considered as cooling down

Drank 1 litre 1/2, + lots of tea.
Still haven’t found an equivalence table for the ounces and the litres!
Will try to think about it.


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Julie – mid week

Tough working week – 12 hour days. So I am making compromises


  • drinking water (2 x 600 mls)
  • eating lots of fruit
  • cooked two meals this week with vegetables
  • sleeping well


  • driving not walking (leave at 630am and return at 9pm)
  • glass of alcohol each night
  • very stressed


  • wait until this current task is over on Saturday
  • talk with the Director early next week

To do list

  • buy a pedometer
  • change jobs


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Julie – Aims this week 2nd March

Walking will increase my energy – so walk to and from at no less than 35 minutes each way.
Only one coffee each day.
No alcohol on evenings when I work the next day.
A glass of water each hour.
Practice letting it go.
Try to get out of this depressive slump.

What did I achieve today?
New walking route
Didn’t get side-tracked into nothingness
half an alcohol
Bought more fruit
Tried to stay positive

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