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Sara – fun to watch even if you don’t do it!

Sharing here, even though Claude has already seen it on Plurk!

Alexa was my belly dance teacher last year until she moved to Philadelphia — she was great with people my age as well as with these young chicks!  And you can do this even if you can’t hula hoop — I can’t hula hoop at all!

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Lia – Enough Pampering

Sorry, gals, that I haven’t written since I caught that nasty winter grippe. Feeling a lot better now. Two weeks home on sick leave. Which sound very luxurious for most Americans and Canadians, but for Germans not unusual. They don’t want you back at the office if you are still infectious. As it is, at the institutes’s meeting today we were all still coughing and looking at each other rather nastily hoping the virus strain is the same and we won’t come down with a secondary grippe.

I haven’t done Anything as far as exercises goes. I have also decided to take it relatively easy this week. It is enough that I am back at work. If all goes well, I’ll be slowly going back to my walking routine and fitness studio come this weekend.

Sorry, that I didn’t write. I needed to unplug on many levels. Still, I missed you very much. Glad to be back. Enough with the pampering.


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Sara – contributes a new fun way to exercise…


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Sara – getting over the hump of winter!

Hi, everyone (Lia, how are you feeling? we miss you!)!  Some of our snow is melting but we are getting more.  However it’s coming in 1-2 inch installments so things could be worse.   I am finally beginning to feel like coming out of my cave and doing some things!

Mon. Jan. 19 – 5294 steps (1478 aerobic), 1.83 mi.

Tues. Jan. 20 – 3450 steps, 1.19 mi.  Sluggy…

Wed. Jan. 21 – 8918 steps (3856 aerobic), 3.09 mi.

Thurs. Jan. 22 – finally back to the gym!  Was not too ambitious.  8527 steps (4447 aerobic), 2.96 mi.   Aerobic activity breakdown: 14′ treadmill, 13′ elliptical, 11′ trampoline at home.

Fri. Jan. 23 – 9257 steps (6282 aerobic), 3.21 mi.  Courtesy of a long walk. BUT my calorie counts on Thurs. & Fri. were almost exactly the same.  So the gym does help burn calories faster – 38 min. compared to 48 min. walking.  

Sat. Jan. 24 – 7374 steps (3269 aerobic), 2.56 mi.  Went to the gym but had less energy.  However, happy with myself that I went!

Sun. Jan. 25 – 5598 steps (1243 aerobic), 1.94 mi.  Trampoline for 11 minutes.  I had work and a baby baptism & reception to attend.  Nice food but I ate the nice veggie dishes & small pieces of banana/chocolate bread! 

Can you FEEL the VIRTUE oozing out of me?  Disgusting, isn’t it!  LOL!  This week I may fall flat on my face, virtuosity-wise.  OR maybe not!   Have a great week, everybody, and I hope your weather indoors and out is wonderful!


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Claude – one week low, the second better

Sorry to say that I felt rather bad last Saturday and didn’t post because I was feeling sick! But on the days that I was not (sick) I did some walking but, I must admit, little posting.
Mon. Jan. 12 8,500 steps
Tue. Jan. 13 One-hour Feldenkrais session, and 3,500 steps (just going there and getting back)
Wed. Jan. 14 13,835 steps
Thu. Jan. 15 13,811 steps
Fri. Jan. 16, felt so bad I skipped my stretching class
Sat. Jan. 17, still felt too bad to go to my Feldenkrais monthly workshop 😦
Sun. Jan. 18, felt better and ran some errands, 9,145 steps
Mon. Jan. 19, 10,500 steps
Tue. Jan. 20 My Feldenkrais class (three people) took place in my living-room that day. Later on, I stayed at home and had tea with a friend watching CNN.

Watching Obama's inauguration 20/365

Watching President Obama’s inauguration

Wed. Jan. 21 8,000 steps
Thu. Jan. 22 went to a funeral 😦 and managed 7,000 steps
Fri. Jan. 23, 11,000 steps, one-hour stretching class
All in all, and considering I also had one of these lousy three-day colds, not too bad.
I find that it’s sometimes surprising to look at two weeks when I had the feeling I hadn’t done much, and to find that it wasn’t so bad after all.


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Naomi – Much activity, walking not so much!

A quick catch-up for January 13 to 22 from my days in this alternate universe. I can look at the window as write and see my daughter’s house, woman running, guy riding bicycle. Granddaughter Zoe here earlier for an hour…began embellishments for knit doll gave her couple of weeks ago. Ron has here now, so steps for past week recorded in my little book.

January 22 was one of two high marks of this period–4,896 steps. The other was a week ago on January 15 with 5,893. Rest of time mostly under 3,000. Feel meated-out from last two days’ evening meals. Got to get back to veggie land.

Thought about taking time-out from Elderexercise postings here but will try to keep it up. Off to walk to store for N.Y. Times, then lunch with Ron and Zoe at typical Portland cafe, “Opposable Thumb,” with loud music, good bagels (made by Chinese man).


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Sara – snow…more snow…then again, snowing…

Brrrrrrrr! And not just snow, but COLD!  Were it not for ye good olde trampoline, I would be declining in fitness.  But I’m sort of hanging in there…

Mon. Jan. 12 – 4037 steps.  Tues. Jan. 13 – forgot to wear pedometer & there wasn’t a lot to count anyway!

Wed. Jan. 14 – 8607 steps (3876 aerobic).  Better! 

Thurs. Jan. 15 – 4862 steps (1770 aerobic).

Fri. Jan. 16 – 7283 steps (1009 aerobic).  It was contradance night, don’t know why more aerobic steps didn’t register since I danced every dance and my feet were quite tired!   I sort of blew the diet thing, having a fried oyster sandwich before the dance…

Sat. Jan. 17 – 3578 steps (1267 aerobic, on trampoline)

Sun. Jan. 18 – 4346 steps (2629 aerobic, on trampoline) – plus eating out at friends.   My default when I have been sluggy is to jump, as you can tell.  I guess it has been keeping my lungs in shape since I did not get winded at all at contradance. 

Here’s to warmer weather and freedom from illness for all of us!  Lia, I hope you are feeling much better by now!   Hang in there, everyone, spring IS coming!   🙂


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