Naomi – January 1 – 12

It’s not that I stopped walking and counting here in Portland. Just that I lead a very different life from the one in the Big Apple. The year began with a slow start, mostly weather-dependent, then inched ahead.

Jan. 1 – 1,788 steps…
Jan 2 – 2,616 steps…
Jan 3 – 2,877 steps, 1,166 aerobicsteps. [what was I doing?]
Jan. 4 – 3,393 steps…
Jan 5 – 4,204 steps…
Jan 6 -1,423 steps…
Jan 7 – 4,286 steps…
Jan 8 – 5,699 steps…
Jan 9 – 4,492 steps
Jan 10 – 4,724 steps…
Jan 11 – 1,754 steps…
Jan 12 – 6,927 steps.

Jane Brody who writes N.Y. Times“Personal Health” column wrote about new book, “The Instinct Diet: Use Your Five Food Instincts to Lose Weight and Keep It Off.” Bought it, will write about on my blog.



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4 responses to “Naomi – January 1 – 12

  1. Seeing how difficult it’s been during the week when we had snow, I’ll say congratulations on remaining motivated!
    Looking forward to that Instinct Diet review. My instincts tend to lead me towards the fattening stuff, which is why I like the idea of NOT thinking about food but focusing on exercise. But this is what works for me!

  2. sablonneuse

    The Instinct Diet sounds interesting. There are times when I find it easy to believe that my body knows what it needs to eat but, like Claude, my instincts lean towards fattening food and (probably unlike Claude) my willpower isn’t strong enough to resist. I’ll be over to your blog to reas more.

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Sandy, Always wondered whether I really knew difference between what my body tells me and what I “choose” to hear. Can I resist the times, for instance, when only chocolate can soothe? Will alert you and the Elderexercise group when the subject appears on my blog.

  4. Sara

    Not sure the Instinct approach would work for me either! I had dinner at friends’ house last night & they were preaching Volumetrics — I must admit that what they served was filling & tasty and I didn’t feel the great desire to snack later in the evening — so maybe that’s a sign! (stuffed peppers with ground turkey filling, spinach and avocado salad, potatoes with butter, and some nice Bordeaux red)
    I will check out your blog too, however — any and all input welcome!

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