Claude – one week low, the second better

Sorry to say that I felt rather bad last Saturday and didn’t post because I was feeling sick! But on the days that I was not (sick) I did some walking but, I must admit, little posting.
Mon. Jan. 12 8,500 steps
Tue. Jan. 13 One-hour Feldenkrais session, and 3,500 steps (just going there and getting back)
Wed. Jan. 14 13,835 steps
Thu. Jan. 15 13,811 steps
Fri. Jan. 16, felt so bad I skipped my stretching class
Sat. Jan. 17, still felt too bad to go to my Feldenkrais monthly workshop 😦
Sun. Jan. 18, felt better and ran some errands, 9,145 steps
Mon. Jan. 19, 10,500 steps
Tue. Jan. 20 My Feldenkrais class (three people) took place in my living-room that day. Later on, I stayed at home and had tea with a friend watching CNN.

Watching Obama's inauguration 20/365

Watching President Obama’s inauguration

Wed. Jan. 21 8,000 steps
Thu. Jan. 22 went to a funeral 😦 and managed 7,000 steps
Fri. Jan. 23, 11,000 steps, one-hour stretching class
All in all, and considering I also had one of these lousy three-day colds, not too bad.
I find that it’s sometimes surprising to look at two weeks when I had the feeling I hadn’t done much, and to find that it wasn’t so bad after all.



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4 responses to “Claude – one week low, the second better

  1. sablonneuse

    Do hope you are feeling better now, Claude. There seems to have been an outbreak of ‘flu and gastro-enteritis here too, but fingers crossed, we’ve managed to avoid them so far.
    Your last sentence is so true. When you read what you’ve achieved it’s really good.

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Claude, Many shouts and whistles for you to feel better and better. Your report strikes me as very good especially with feeling low.

    Wonderful photo–were you trying to tempt us with that pastry?

  3. @Sablonneuse, looking forward to reading your progress report 🙂
    @Naomi, I wouldn’t dream of tempting you 😉 but we were enjoying a nice cup of tea and some lovely pastry while watching the Inauguration. Just an atmospheric shot!

  4. Sara

    I think you did beautifully, Claude! Only 3 days of non-activity and you were really sick!
    I’m trying not to think about bad weather, just hoping it will tiptoe away and be gone before we know it! 🙂
    Enjoy your day! (I keep wishing for Plurk emoticons here on WordPress… ;-( )

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