Sara – getting over the hump of winter!

Hi, everyone (Lia, how are you feeling? we miss you!)!  Some of our snow is melting but we are getting more.  However it’s coming in 1-2 inch installments so things could be worse.   I am finally beginning to feel like coming out of my cave and doing some things!

Mon. Jan. 19 – 5294 steps (1478 aerobic), 1.83 mi.

Tues. Jan. 20 – 3450 steps, 1.19 mi.  Sluggy…

Wed. Jan. 21 – 8918 steps (3856 aerobic), 3.09 mi.

Thurs. Jan. 22 – finally back to the gym!  Was not too ambitious.  8527 steps (4447 aerobic), 2.96 mi.   Aerobic activity breakdown: 14′ treadmill, 13′ elliptical, 11′ trampoline at home.

Fri. Jan. 23 – 9257 steps (6282 aerobic), 3.21 mi.  Courtesy of a long walk. BUT my calorie counts on Thurs. & Fri. were almost exactly the same.  So the gym does help burn calories faster – 38 min. compared to 48 min. walking.  

Sat. Jan. 24 – 7374 steps (3269 aerobic), 2.56 mi.  Went to the gym but had less energy.  However, happy with myself that I went!

Sun. Jan. 25 – 5598 steps (1243 aerobic), 1.94 mi.  Trampoline for 11 minutes.  I had work and a baby baptism & reception to attend.  Nice food but I ate the nice veggie dishes & small pieces of banana/chocolate bread! 

Can you FEEL the VIRTUE oozing out of me?  Disgusting, isn’t it!  LOL!  This week I may fall flat on my face, virtuosity-wise.  OR maybe not!   Have a great week, everybody, and I hope your weather indoors and out is wonderful!



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4 responses to “Sara – getting over the hump of winter!

  1. Claude

    You’re a star!!!! We’ll call you virtuous Sara from now on!

  2. lilalia

    Sara, thank you. You are very sweet to ask. Will write right now, but generally, just want to say I am feeling a quite a bit better. Thank you for expressing concern. You are a dear.

  3. sablonneuse

    You are doing very well. Keep it up! I’m sure you won’t fall flat on your face.

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