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Naomi April 2 – 5

April 2 – back and forth to hospital for spouse out-patient surgery.  went well.  before he left, needed pain prescription filled: a walking opp–5 blocks to and 5 back, uphill.  

April 4 – Treadmill 5 mins. 2.5/1.5 incline, hands free.

Trainer: Suzy.  Have worked together in the past.  Met for one hour in gym; told her concern re balance.  Suggests hearing test–think Julie made me think similar recently here.

Walking exercise: marching.   One-foot balancing.  Thinks my issue more about strenghtening leg muscle.  Worked on Leg Press and Hip Reduction machines.

Mat work: Sit-ups.  (More specifics next time when write repeats in notebook)

IE=Inspiration via Elderexercise.  Read that Claude could touch toes, so measured my distance from tip of middle finger to floor is 7 inches.  Add to goals (have not figured out editing here) to reduce to 5 inches.




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