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Sara – forging on despite much work!

Hi, everyone!  The good news is, the weather is generally better.  The bad news is, I have had a LOT more work & have often been too tired to do anything except lie on the sofa.  But then I seem to recover & I have gotten some nice long walks in.  Energetic LS on those days seems to be beyond me, however.  I will get back to it…

some wavy grass from my Saturday walk

Week of March 22-29

Mon. 9141 (5176 aerobic)

Tues. 4404

Wed. 5077

Thurs. 5684 (2020 aerobic)

Fri. 13041 (6085 aerobic)

Sat. 12475 (4003 aerobic)

Sun. 4909 – Palm Sunday – a lot of walking around while singing

Mon.  3971 – collapse!

This week should be better – Holy Week itself usually comes as a relief, it is the rehearsals that are grueling…and we have the last one tonight!

Take care and a happy Easter to all!



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Claude – still with feet problems

But not such a bad week on the whole. I only got my new insoles on Thursday and the guy who made them said I should get used to them slowly (one hour the first day, two the second and so on)
They are quite different from all the insoles I’ve had up to now and he said they were supposed to slowly correct my feet till the moment when I wouldn’t need them any longer. I’m not holding my breath as I have been wearing insoles for years and years and time will tell.

Week from March 22nd to March 28th

Monday: 10mn stretching, abs (4X10), 15mn arms reinforcement, 9,404 steps, 29mn aerobic

Tuesday: 10mn stretching, abs (4X10)

This is a bit how I feel with my feet at the moment 😉

Wednesday: 10mn stretching, abs (4X10), LS 2-miles +almost 3-miles, 9,235 steps, 43mn aerobic

Thursday: 10mn stretching, 13,400 steps, 48mn aerobic,

Friday: one-hour stretching class, 20mn aerobic, 12,965 steps

Saturday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, Abs (5X10 +4×10), 8,500 steps, 15mn aerobic

Sunday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 39mn aerobic included in 4-hour LS, 13,231 steps


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Lynn–looking forward to slower week

This will be a short post–last week was so busy that exercise got pushed aside most days.

Saturday, 3/20–Spent day shopping, etc., w/ a friend–probably walked about 1  to 1 1/2 miles at moderate pace, then home to do some yard work and a short walk. Didn’t time anything.

Sunday 3/21–20 min yard work and 40 min walk

Monday – Friday–Zip (except for occasional short, around the block, take-a-break from the computer strolls)–Out every night after work.

Saturday 3/27–1/2 hour brisk walk

I only have one thing scheduled after work this coming week–hurray! I’m looking forward to getting back to an exercise, meditation, piano practice routine.


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Sara – Spring flowers at last!

Didn’t have to squat to take this photo…but I will need to squat if I plant some bulbs in my front yard, which I am quite tempted to do…

these are so lush I suspect they were bought this spring & planted...

Like Lia, I’ve hit my stride this week!  Very happy with my exercise…

March 15-21

Mon. 9350 (3913 aerobic)

Tues. 7144 (2727 aerobic)

Wed. 10555 (5824 aerobic)

Thurs. 10815 (7281 aerobic)

Fri. 5630 (1935 aerobic)

Sat. 12825 (5885 aerobic)

Sun. 11510 (5570 aerobic)

Could have gone dancing on Friday but I was tired (had had a lot of work in addition to all that walking) & wasn’t in a mood to be sociable.  The nice thing is, today I am not very tired in spite of vigorous walks on Sat. and Sun. – so I must be building some stamina!

My friend Roxanne lent me some new LS videos & they are great – one has mile workouts targeting an area (arms, legs or abs) which I like a lot.  I can now do the leg lifts with spread feet in the series 1/2/4 without being totally pooped…

So here’s to spring!  More, more, more!   🙂


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Lia – Full Steam Ahead

Don’t know how I could have possibly forgotten to post last week. Guess it was because I was out walking and taking photos. I decided to by myself a small camera, so that I can take it along with me on my early morning walk.

This photo was taken today, just as I was rounding a corner on the canal pathway. Luebeck is an island and there are quite a few different canals and rivers that meet here. I live near the cathedral you see in the background.

Week before last

Monday – Friday: 50-80 minutes of walking each day

Saturday: 20 minutes of walking

Sunday: spent indoors

Last week

Monday: 20 minutes of walking

Tuesday: 30 minutes of walking

Wednesday: 1 hour 15 minutes of walking

Thursday: 1 hour of walking

Friday: 20 minutes of walking

Saturday: 30 minutes of walking

Sunday: 50 minutes of walking

Spring has come to Luebeck and also to my body. It is so nice to be outdoors in non-threatening situation (hee!).


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Claude – OK week considering bad feet

By next Thursday, I hope I’ll have new insoles and will be able to walk painlessly.

Week from March 15 to March 21

Monday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 32mn stepper, 27mn aerobic, 11,435 steps

Tuesday: 10 squats, one-hour stretching class, 4,830 steps

Wednesday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 27mn aerobic walking (3LS miles), 13,000 steps

Thursday: 10 mn stretching, 10 squats, 41 mn aerobic walk, 16,764 steps

Friday: 10 squats, 15mn arms reinforcement, one-hour stretching class, 6,773 steps

I didn’t use to be able to squat to take a photo, now I can!

Saturday: 10mn stretching, 15mn arms reinforcement, 2-hour Feldenkrais workshop, 9,075 steps, 23mn aerobic walk

Sunday: 10mn stretching, 10 squats, 14,579 steps, 31mn aerobic walk


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Lynn–busy, busy, busy

Didn’t get as much exercise as I’d hoped–just too much going on. All fun stuff but the days get fairly crowded.

Last weekend, which was rainy and cool, housework ruled. I was deep into paper sorting, with a goal of getting my home office into usable shape, which I achieved, but that required long hours sitting next to the recycling basket and the paper shredder after sorting through piles of paid bills, etc. Sunday, I walked for about 20 minutes in the late afternoon.

Monday–dinner w/ friend after work–no exercise

Tuesday–35 minute walk

Wednesday–15 min walk at noon, yardwork after work for about 1/2 hour (raking and hauling leaves to compost pile)

Thursday–book group after work–had time for about 10 min of yard work before leaving for group meeting

Friday–20 minutes yard work after work plus 20 minute walk

I did not achieve my goal of getting back to the strength training exercises.

I’ve been digging out some of my spring/summer clothes since it’s been so warm here–and many things are a bit tight–not unwearable but not entirely comfortable or flattering. Oh dear–this should be good motivation to get moving more (and visiting the bakery less).


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