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Claude – September 1 to September 8

At the beginning of the week, I was still in Normandy and looking forward to get back home.
Monday 1st, 10 mn stretching, 35mn brisk walking and my pedometer said 10,400 steps
Tuesday 2nd was just one of these days. Rain, rain, rain. So I did… nothing
Wednesday 3rd, I walked 6,000 steps, packed my case and cleaned up
Thursday morning 4th, I drove back to Paris and went shopping in the afternoon, for food, cat litter and a few other things, result, 10,000 steps! Didn’t I tell you that living in the city was easier on walking than being in the country?
Friday 5th 8, 043 steps
Saturday 6th, 9, 623 steps, (3, 661 aerobic)
Sunday 7th, just went to the market and did some shopping, 5,000 steps
Unfortunately, my TV broke, which means that I am deprived of my beloved Wii Fit. They are only picking it up this morning and hopefully bringing a replacement!

Has any of you tried exercising with a gym ball? I’ve seen videos of people using one and it looks interesting…



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Claude – July 14th to July 20th

Bastille Day found me at home like a total couch potato. I was just tired and needed to do … nothing!
July 15th: my daughter dragged me to go swimming with her. And that was a good thing because my second time swimming turned out much better than the first time. The weather was nice and they had opened the glass roof, so it felt like an outdoors swimming-pool. And this time, I didn’t have cramps nor was I out of breath like the first time. So I swam 700m, stopping a while between laps.

That same afternoon, I had a doctor’s appointment at the hospital. Dr Hansel measured and weighed me and found that my waist was 9 cm shorter, and that I had lost 9 kgs. My cholesterol count has improved but not all that much, so I might end up taking some drug after all, but as I have been such a good pupil 😉 I still have a reprieve till next October (my next appointment). I have to tell you that Dr Hansel just understands about people –at least about people like me 😉

When I told him that I thought my tummy was flabby, in spite of the lost 9 cm, he suggested a two-minute routine with abs. I loathe abs! But two minutes… let’s face it! It’s manageable.
So I’ve added those two minutes every morning.
Going to hospital and back, my pedometer said 8,000 steps.
I got out of that appointment feeling like a million dollars and ready to resume my routine.
Going to hospital and back, my pedometer said 8,000 steps.
All in all, a productive day.

July 16th: 2mn abs, 30mn aerobic on the Wii, 6,000 steps.
July 17th, weather in Geneva was hot and stuffy, we only managed 12,000 steps and decided to take the train to Lausanne, which was cooler.

Geneva, Switzerland

The Jet d’Eau fountain under ominous skies

July 18th in Lausanne was lovely. We walked up and down the streets, –Lausanne is such a hilly place– and went to the Hermitage, a very nice museum, where they had an exhibition on Italian Renaissance Artists, and had a delicious lunch there.
I lay on the hotel floor and did my two mns abs and 10 mn stretching exercises. Then our pedometers (my friend Liliane has one too) said 14,000 steps.
July 19th, back in Paris, two mn abs, 30mn aerobics on the wii, my pedometer said 11,000 steps.
Today July 20th, I’m back in Bénerville and fast walked 25mn to a restaurant, had dinner (not really reasonable, but what can you do?) and fast walked back in 20mn.
Pedometer said 8,500 steps, and I did start my day with 30mn on the Wii, aerobics and balance, and did my two-mn ab routine.


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Claude – July 7th to July 13th

July 7th: 5,000 steps and 35 mn aerobic on the Wii. I have figured out the rythm boxing, more or less and love it as it’s pretty demanding.
July 8th was a world première. I went to the swimming-pool with my daughter and her boy-friend. Hadn’t been either to the beach or a swimming pool for the last four years, since I had cancer surgery, as they recommended not dipping into the water completely for a whole year, and I guess that afterwards, I just didn’t feel like it. Anyway, I used to swim reasonably well, but not any more. I am totally out of shape! 😉
You should have seen me huffing and puffing. Stopping every now and then, and sort of urged on by my daughter, I managed 400m and got out feeling that I’d never walk again.
Mind you, the next day, it was all forgotten!
Still, they always tell you that in the water you weigh nothing and that it’s easier than walking.
Well, folks, not for me, it isn’t.
I haven’t done it again, but am supposed to go with my daughter tomorrow…
July 9th: one hour stretching class, drove to Normandy and walked 6,000 steps
July 10th: pedometer said 7,000 steps.
July 11th: 48mn walking fast, pedometer said 15,200 steps
July 12th: 8,300 steps. Intended to go to the swimming-pool but couldn’t find motivation
July 13th: train back to Paris, walked 15,000 steps.

I always find it more difficult to find motivation when I’m in Normandy. There are all these things that remind me of my childhood, I feel like eating all the time and when the weather is bad, I could just stay at home all day long. Have to kick myself to get going.
This coming week, am going for a short trip to Geneva and maybe a couple of other places with a friend. I know I’ll be walking a lot!


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Tips and tricks – standing, museums and more, things that ARE exercise

When I found out about having high blood pressure and cholesterol on top of being overweight (didn’t mind much about being overweight), I participated in a workshop in hospital, during which we were advised about eating habits, (they refused to call it dieting), and exercising.

Each of us was questioned about things they enjoyed to help us find activities that would make us move, doing something we liked.
One of my prescription was to go to a museum or exhibition, once a week, wearing my pedometer and stay there, say one hour the first time (I had said that after an hour, I felt exhausted) and the next week, try to add five minutes to that, and the week after, do a little more and so on.

I said that I never thought that going to an exhibition didn’t feel like exercising to me and the physiotherapist said that it sure beat lying on your couch! She had a point.
She said that every little thing counted, including not sitting in the subway, or when you are in a waiting line somewhere.

Then I told her that one of my friends lived on the sixth floor and that as she had a lift, I used to walk up to the third floor and then call the elevator and take it to the sixth floor.
She suggested that I was out of breath because I was trying to do it fast and that to start with, it was not the point. The point was to climb up to the sixth floor TAKING MY TIME. Well, you won’t believe this, but it had never even occurred to me that it was OK to take my time. I thought exercise meant suffering.

It’s been quite a while now, that I have not taken a seat in the subway (I do on buses though, because they are very unstable), and that I can stay longer and longer in a museum and gallery and not get tired as fast as I used to and that when I visit my 6th-floor friend, I climb up the six floors in no hurry.

Please let’s share your tips.

And feel totally free, if you have an idea for a tip or trick, to write your own! This is not MY column, or blog, but ours.


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Claude – June 23rd to June 29th

June 23rd: 12,000 steps, 30mn fast biking
June 24th: 30 mn fast biking, 1 hour Feldenkrais session, walking so little that there’s no point mentioning it 😉
June 25th: One hour stretching exercise, 17,000 steps. A great day with a blogging friend visiting Paris. And a great walk as well!

Notre-Dame between street lights

On our 17,000 step walk, across the Seine from Notre-Dame de Paris

June 26th: one-hour Feldenkrais session, 15,000 steps, another good walking day.
June 27th: hardly any walking at all, went searching for a bathing suit. I’ve decided to go to the swimming pool when in Normandy. Let’s see if I stick to that. I’ve had a haircut and bought a bathing suit, so I should have no excuse not to go swimming.
45mn aerobics on the Wii and 30 mn balance exercise.
June 28th: 13,000 steps and a lot of eating. The next week will be mostly walking as I am going to be visiting cemeteries with my friends Leo and Elly from Norwich, on a photo safari.


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Lilalia – Slow Start

Hello. I am happy that Claude wrote recently about your group looking for new members. I’m starting slowly by reading your posts and at increasing my weekly exercise routine.

Here’s last week’s routine:

  • Friday: 20 min. walk
  • Saturday: 40 min. walk
  • Sunday: 40 min. walk
  • Monday: 17 km bicycling
  • Tuesday: 15 km bicycling
  • Wednesday: nothing
  • Thursday: nothing

I was wondering whether I should include some of those outings (e.g., yesterday’s walk along the seafront with a friend) that are low on calorie consumption, but high on fresh air and good feelings. What do you think?


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Naomi – May 25 – 28

WALKING  Did much of this through the City on May 25 and 27.  Need a new pedometer.  

    Problem:  The day after!  Think this is the age/energy factor, especially with city walking on pavement.  And so give myself permission not to go to gym.  Hope to change this, but…

TREADMILL  May 28  20 minutes at 3.0.

AB REDUCER  May 28  10 times @ 50#…10 times @ 50#

Chocolate Eating too much of it!




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