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Naomi March 3 through March 7

Since March 3, my progress has been erratic. That day I had no chocolate! Only ate a tangerine between dinner and bedtime.

March 4 – 20 minutes on treadmill, 15 of them handsfree since strengthening balance is an issue. Maintained 2.5 speed and 0.5 incline.

ate one date after dinner.

March 5 – Problem with evening class begun and when to eat. Ate at 5 p.m., small meal. Hungry after class and had a piece of pizza with friend on way home. Goal: get a grip on this.

Walked half hour from school to westside subway.

March 6 – 1 date after dinner and tangerine.

March 7 – Too much sitting because at conference most of day. Part of sandwich for lunch and cookie.

Orange after dinner.


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